It’s an age-old premise, but could it be warranted this time?

There’s a running meme that gamers are among the most ostracized members of society. Yes, this rationale is based on a meme, but behind these jokes is a very real threat to this form of entertainment that we’ve come to grow up with.

It’s not uncommon to hear the media assign blame to action video games for the increase in aggressive and even violent behaviour among our youth. This a rather sad notion because video games have also been known to grant significant benefits to an individual’s reflexes as well as the ability to make quick decisions.

Now, why are we talking about this?

Of all car accident fatalities, about 66% of these have been caused by aggressive driving. According to a commercial vehicle accident lawyer, this estimate alone should already be indicative of how real a problem aggressive driving is. And based on the premise that action-based video games have a tendency to make people more aggressive, can it then be derived from this premise that maybe racing video games might have the same effect?

While there isn’t any data to support these claims that racing video games do increase an individual’s tendency to manifest aggressive behaviour, there are many studies that have tried to link violent behaviour to video games.

And the results may actually astonish you…

Because they are inconclusive.

According to the study linked above, video games should be considered more as a risk factor rather than the primary source of the unwanted behaviour. 

Other risk factors include pre-existing mental illnesses, access to firearms, and most importantly, an adverse environment.

So, what does this tell us fathers?

It’s not a reliable conclusion to simply pin negative behaviour to a single risk factor. But neither can we overlook the possible effects that racing video games can have on our children. 

Because there are many risk factors that influence aggressive behavior, we need to try to control what we can. And as fathers, that means providing a good learning environment for our children.

It’s not fair to blame video games for something that they may not even be the primary cause of. Even so, the right values and the right attitude will always be learned at home.

The Essence Of Exposing Our Kids To Bad Behavior

It’s unhealthy to simply teach our children what to do. There’s a stark difference in being good and in being weak. Our children should also be exposed to bad behavior so that they become aware of the differences between what’s right and what is wrong.

We don’t want our children to grow up to be obedient to the point that they become subservient. That they do no harm because they are simply incapable of causing any harm versus being capable of inflicting harm but actively deciding not to.

We shouldn’t make them ignorant of the evils of the world but rather, we need to make them aware of the bad things of the world and to discourage that behavior.

So, how does this tie in with racing games and aggressive behavior? 

By guiding our children on what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t, we allow them the privilege of being able to decide for themselves whether a certain behavior is acceptable or not.