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Can’t Buy Me Love… But You Can Buy Likes on Instagram
Yes, you can buy likes on Instagram. But should you? Is this really the way to gain popularity? Read this article and find out the whole story. What’s the real key to making Instagram work for you? It’s having a wide audience of people that you may or may not know paying attention to what...
P.O.Box Foreverland! 7 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Using Direct Mail Marketing
Direct mail marketing is dead, right? Well, not quite. It’s true that we live in a digital world; sending physical correspondence feels a little outdated these days. However, direct mail response rates reached heady heights of almost 5 percent recently. That, according to the same source, is as high as it’s ever been. Clearly, the...
5 Innovative Marketing Ideas That You’ll See Used a Lot in 2020
We’re always keeping tabs on innovative marketing ideas that we think might blow up. Here are the tactics that have momentum going into 2020. US consumers are putting the economy on their backs and helping it grow despite numerous signs of an impending slowdown. Because of that consumer bullishness, your business’s momentum will be safe...
Why Use Custom Patches For Business Promotion and Marketing?
The average company spends 11% of its annual budget on marketing. For a company like Apple, that means billions of dollars per year on promotional merchandise, digital ads, commercials and more. For a small business like yours, 11% is going to mean a heck of a lot less. Given your limited marketing budget, every marketing...
Let’s Talk Sonic the Movie
As one of the earliest and best-loved 16-bit superheroes, Sonic the Hedgehog has a special place in the heart of every retro gamer. Electric blue, spiky and super-fast, he has torn up Sega systems since 1991, pushing the original Mega Drive right to the top of the pile back in the day. Now, with Sonic...
5 Essential Elements of Every Good Independent Contractor Agreement
We’re officially in a gig economy. If you want to get work done for your marketing business, consider bringing in a contractor instead of hiring someone full-time or part-time.  When you bring on an independent contractor, you’re going to need an independent contractor agreement.  Writing an independent contractor agreement is simple, all you need to...
7 Effective Mobile Game Marketing Tips
Are you looking to get your mobile game out and into the market? Is it a challenge for you to gather dedicated players for your mobile game?  You may not be doing your mobile game marketing strategy right. Mobile games are the fastest-growing and most accessible gaming platform. Since most people have a device of...
Predictive Marketing 101: What It Is And How It Works
Marketing is an extremely complicated world; what worked just a year ago is quickly ineffective in the next year. This makes a marketer’s job difficult, as they have to keep pace with the industry to ensure success. If you’re struggling to market your company effectively, then you might want to look into predictive marketing. In...
Five Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids
Photo by Tra Tran on Unsplash Have you been looking for the perfect dog to become your child’s next best friend? Finding a dog that’s compassionate and gentle is as important as finding one that’s playful. To help you narrow down your decisions, we’ve listed five of the best dog breeds for families. With one...
How to Count Cards
Whether you’re spinning some reels at Paddy Power Games or you’ve found the casino in Dragon Quest, it’s worthwhile knowing how to play the games to win. While slot games are based almost purely on luck, there can be an element of strategy involved with some of the other games – in particular, the card...

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