Final Fantasy


4 Final Fantasy Scenes That Blew Me Away
Just over 2 years ago, I listed 7 of my favourite moments from the Final Fantasy series (you can read that very old post here). However, that was entirely based on how much I adored those scenes and not specifically the effect or reaction that they created. So, I wanted to do an updated post...
Why I Can’t Wait For The Final Fantasy VIII Remaster
So everyone (myself included, actually) is talking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake and all of the great details that we got from E3 2019. But you know what? There was another surprise release that hit me even harder than everything we saw about the remake. What was that? Well, you probably know from the...
Let’s Talk Final Fantasy VII Remake
Well, it certainly is the elephant in the room at the moment, isn’t it? I mean, for those who follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that Final Fantasy VII isn’t my favourite Final Fantasy of all time. In fact, it barely makes the top 5, when I think about it. And I’ve been pretty open...
My Top 7 Final Fantasy Games
I’ve seen a lot of tweets on Twitter recently about Final Fantasy, either about your favourite characters, games or music. Now, I’ve already written about my favourite Final Fantasy moments (you can read that here), so I thought I would tackle another one of these questions… Specifically, I thought I would put together a list...
The History of Final Fantasy
These days, it’s actually really hard to imagine the gaming industry without Final Fantasy. No matter if you’re a fan of RPGs or not, you’ll almost certainly have heard of the franchise. In fact, you’ve probably seen the adverts for Final Fantasy XV all over TV, billboards and YouTube, especially with the mobile game that...

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