Reconnecting Family With giffgaff – A Family Games Night
For those of you who don’t know, our family outside of myself, my wife and daughter all live quite far away. Some of them live a few hours drive away whilst other members of our family live in different countries. Because of this, it is rather difficult to catch up or spend time together. However,...
In Review – Venom Switch Carry Case
It’s funny, now that I think of it; I’ve never reviewed a case on this site before. I’ve looked at games, chairs, various console accessories and more, yet this will be the first time I’ve reviewed a carry case. That said, considering how much I love the Switch now, it only seems right that this...
In Review – Venom Switch Power Pack and Stand
So a few days ago, we took a look at the Quad Charging Station from Venom Gaming (you can read that here). Today, we’re going to look at another accessory from the UK-based manufacturer; their Power Pack with a built-in stand. After all, I’ve been pretty vocal about the fact that I’ve fallen in love...
In Review: Venom Gaming Quad Charging Station For The Nintendo Switch
It’s been a little while since I’ve actually taken someone, broken it down and reviewed it, hasn’t it? But that time has come again! Now, as you may know, I finally got my hands on the Nintendo Switch a couple of months back. Since then, it has quickly become my favourite console of the current...
My Top 7 Strangest Gaming Habits
Okay, so I’ll admit it. This post was largely inspired by a video from WhatCulture gaming. In that video, the team at WhatCulture discussed their own pointless things that they do in games and it made me think of the weird and strange things I do when gaming. Here’s the video itself, in case you...
Starting A Gaming Blog – Phase 3: Structuring Your First Post
Welcome back to this series of articles on how to start a gaming blog, and do it in the right way! In the last entry, we looked at getting the basics of your gaming blog setup, so that it could hit the ground running once you publish your first post (which you can read here)....
How Gaming Has Changed In The Last Decade
Gaming has come a long way, so much so that no one could have predicted how far we’ve come in technology advancements and that can be said for pretty much everything that technology has had an influence over. So how has gaming changed in the last decade? Graphics Have Improved To point out the obvious,...
My Favourite Controllers of All Time
Over the years, there have been so many different controller variations and designs. Some have been a success, and others have been downright weird… I’m looking at you, Nintendo 64 controller. However, as I have made clear so many times on here and on Twitter, I adore experimentation when it comes to the video game...
Why I Now Love The Switch
I’ve been a PlayStation guy for years. Not in the sense that I would bash the people who liked other consoles, but only in the sense that the PlayStation had the games that I enjoyed the most. My first long term console was the original PlayStation, and then the PS2, and so on. I mean,...
What I Liked About E3 2019
So, E3 2019 has now come to an end and, naturally, there’s a lot of negativity around it. I mean, there has been every year recently. So, rather than look at what I am disappointed by (which is quite a bit), I wanted to change the tone and talk about the things from E3 2019...

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