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7 Of My Favourite PS2 J-RPGs
I make no secret of the fact that J-RPGs are my favourite type of video game. In fact, if you read my History in Gaming post, you’ll get to see exactly when and why I started to adore the J-RPG genre. But any, that’s not really the point of this post, is it? You’re not...
How To Play Retro Games On Your PS3
The PlayStation 3 is a wonderful console for many reasons. There is a tonne of great games on there, especially a bunch of great RPGs and horror games. However, there is so much hidden potentially locked within those beautiful boxes. If you have a “fat” PS3, or a certain release version of the Slim PS3,...
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Review
Well now, this week’s Retro Showcase game was always going to be a big hit. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of the most well-regarded games of all time, let alone just on the PlayStation. I played the game when I was 12, at a friend’s house, so I knew what I was going...
Reconnecting Family With giffgaff – A Family Games Night
For those of you who don’t know, our family outside of myself, my wife and daughter all live quite far away. Some of them live a few hours drive away whilst other members of our family live in different countries. Because of this, it is rather difficult to catch up or spend time together. However,...
XIII (PS2) Review
XIII is a very interesting game… It’s known for its graphical style over its gameplay for many people who haven’t played it, due to the comic-book style cell-shaded graphics. Yet it has a devout following of people who have played it and loved it. My history with XIII is pretty short and sweet; I’d played...
Zone of the Enders Review
So, as I said on the stream on Sunday, I went into this week’s retro gaming showcase with very good memories of the game in question. You see, I originally bought Zone of the Enders pretty much on release and played it to death! It looked like a Gundam game, and I’m a huge Gundam...
My History With Gaming – The Most Influential Games
Every single gamer out there will have a different history with the industry; a different set of games that were influential for them. Oh, and for the record, when I say “influential” I am talking about a personal level and not an industry level. So for today, inspired by a series of old episodes from...
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Review
I’m going to start this off with a bit of a revelation; I owned a Nintendo DS for the best part of 2 months before getting rid of. In that time, I only had two games for it; Yu-Gi-Oh and Resident Evil. As such, I really don’t have any level of nostalgia for the console...
Dot Hack – The JRPG Series That Took Me By Surprise
Considering how big the JRPG genre is, there are a lot of games out there that look like they would be awesome, but end up being really bad. There’s also an awful lot of games that look really bad and end up being terrible. Rarely do you get a game that, upon your very first...
Streets of Rage 2 Review
So normally for these rundown posts and the showcase streams that come before them, we play a game that I either haven’t played for ages or not played at all. This week things are a little different, as the last time I played Streets of Rage 2 was earlier this year when a colleague brought...

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