By now I am sure you all know that I’m a vaper. I mean, I’ve written enough posts about it and why I would recommend vaping for quitting smoking… But something I haven’t covered is how to find the right e-liquid for your e-cigarette. You see, when it comes to successfully transitioning from smoking to vaping, there are two things you need to get right; the e-cigarette itself, and the e-liquid you use with it.

Now, when I mean “get it right”, I don’t mean you need to follow a specific set of rules or anything. Instead, I mean that each person needs a different amount of nicotine intake, prefers different types of e-liquid flavours, and can take different strengths of cloud. So, you need to get it right for you.

Finding The Right Vendor

Okay, this may sound a bit strange, especially when you’re coming from smoking where you can buy the brand you love from pretty much anywhere. However, with e-liquids, it’s a bit different. There are “household” brands like Dinner Lady (a personal favourite of mine), but for the most part, a lot of venders actually make their own liquids. These are usually cheaper than the big brand ones, and therefore, are the ones you’ll most likely get started with.

That’s why it’s really important to find a vendor that produces e-liquids that meet your needs. There’s a great article on Spinfuel Vape about a friend of theirs becoming attached to a specific vendor, and that’s actually really common.

I have a few vendors that I go back to time and time again, and my friends who vape have other vendors that they swear by. So you need to experiment with a few different e-liquids from a variety of vendors, and find which ones are best for you.

Choosing Brands

Once you’ve gotten used to vaping using vendor-made e-liquids, you’ll likely end up moving on to big brand name e-liquids (like the aforementioned Dinner Lady). This poses another trial and error process, as each brand will have wildly different mixes and flavours, similar to the different brands of cigarettes.

A good place to start is be researching the most popular brands, as it would give you a nice starting point for trying out different mixes. Grapevine Birmingham’s article on the most popular e-liquid brands in the UK provides a very good list to work through, giving you a great taste of the different mixes out there! Or you can spend some time looking around online vendors such as Escape, who tend to stock a wide range of different brands. This way, you could order a mix of different branded liquids to try out and see which one you like the most.

Trying A Starter Kit

The final way that you can work out which e-liquid is right for you is by getting a starter kit. This will give you an “entry level” e-cigarette and one or more bottles of e-liquid, typically of varying flavours. This way, you’re able to see whether that type of e-cigarette is right for you, whilst also trying out the different common base flavours.

Online e-cigarette stores like ECigArcade are a great place to look for these starter kits, rather than picking them up at your local petrol stations (don’t do that). You’re more likely to get something of quality, rather than the cheap and nasty things that they sell in petrol stations or your local supermarket. Trust me; I’ve made that mistake when I was desperate for e-liquid after running out. You want to get it from an actual vape shop, either online or in an actual shop!

And That’s All Folks

Finding the right e-liquid for you really is a case of trial and error, just like it is when trying to find the right cigarette brand. You need to go through a variety of different flavour styles and mixes to work out what is best for you and your needs.

However, once you’ve found the right e-liquid, you’ll never look back. I’ve been vaping for about 4 years now, and have not even thought about having a “real” cigarette. So it can really help you; you just need to get the right liquid and e-cigarette for you. If you’ve got any tips on choosing an e-liquid, let me know in the comments below!