3 Steps To Choosing The Best Social Network For Your Brand

Running a business these days basically demands that you have an active social media account. Potential customers use it to learn about you, your brand and your products, whilst returning customers can contact you quickly and easily! It helps to build brand loyalty and gives you the ability to show your business as more than just some big corporate entity that ignores the general public.

And whilst all this is great, the problem comes when you are trying to work out which of the countless different Social Networks you should focus on! Should you be using a Facebook page, or a Twitter account? What about YouTube or Snapchat? And don’t forget all those niche Social Networks that cater to one specific interest group!

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Finding Your Audience

Now, this is probably a really obvious one but it still needs to be said! The very first thing you should look at doing is determining who you main customer base is, and which audience you need to influence your customer base’s purchasing habits.

Some of you may be wondering why I referred to those audiences as two seperate things, so here’s an example: when you are selling a toy, you don’t market it to the people with the money to buy it (the parents), you market it to the influencer of the purchase (the child). Then, the influencer pushes your product into the purchasers face over and over until they buy it!

So, when looking at which Social Network you want to tackle, you need to decide who the influencer is. It may very well be the same as the purchase (such as with Deodorant like Lynx/Axe), but it’s really important to know which it is! One you know that, you can have a look and narrow doing the list of Social Networks to the ones that your influencers use the most!

Knowing The Etiquette Of The Network

The second step is look at the Social Networks that your influencers use, and understand the etiquette of each of them. Now, this doesn’t just mean what language people use or what they swear a lot. Instead, you want to be looking at how often people share, what they share, and how they share it.

So, for example, a Tweet about a great article would be short (possibly just the title of the article) with some specific hashtags. A Facebook post, on the other, would contain far more detail. It would discuss what the article is about, why it was useful to the reader and why they are sharing it.

As for how often to share, Twitter is a very fast moving Social Network so you should be tweeting numerous times throughout the day (at least 4 or 5 times per day), whereas on Facebook a post has a much longer life span. In fact, you could get away with just one or two posts in a day!


The reason you need to review these aspects of the Social Network is because you need to be able to keep up with them! If your business doesn’t have enough share-worthy things to warrant 5 or more posts per day, then Twitter may not be right for you, for example.

Where Are Your Competitors Winning And Failing?

The final thing to take into consideration is your competition. Are your competitors absolutely killing it on Facebook, with hundreds of thousands of fans and great levels of exposure and engagement? Then perhaps Facebook is a great place for your type of business, even though it will be highly competitive and take a long time to get started.

On the other hand, if they are killing it on Facebook because the purchasers are liking their page, but the influencers are all on Twitter, then you might want to start there. Especially if your competition is failing on that Social Network!

So Get Looking!

And that’s pretty much all you need to know to get yourself and your business started! Make sure that you work out who your product influencers are and find where they are going! Then, ensure that you can actually keep up with and follow the etiquette of posting on that Social Network, and analyse how your competition is doing.

As long as you do that, you’ll be able to get yourself off to a pretty decent start! If you have any other things that have helped you decide on which Social Network to use, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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