Lots of companies make the same mistakes when it comes to designing and using their websites. Indeed, these things happen so often that it’s stopped being funny. The information on this page should help to highlight those errors and put them to bed once and for all. It’s essential that anyone launching a new site during the next couple of months reads this article carefully. The smallest errors could cost a fortune in the long-run, and so it’s sensible to get things right first time around.

Complicated navigation

Take a look at some of the most successful ecommerce websites online today. It should become apparent that traveling from page to page and finding particular products is a simple process. So, why on earth do some site owners make it difficult? All business owners should do themselves a favor and ask a child to find items on their domain. If a young person of around five years old can’t do it, some customers will struggle. Either that or they’ll get frustrated and look elsewhere. Designers just need to:

  • Simplify their sites
  • Provide a search facility
  • Upload product images and descriptions

Lack of communication channels

It’s imperative that all customers can get in touch with team members in real time. That is the single most important design considerations according to specialists from firms like Boson Web. Indeed, anyone who’s worked in the industry during the last few years will know that live chat is the key to success. Whenever a customer encounters a problem or wants to ask a question, they can talk to support staff within seconds. That limits the chances of those people looking at competing sites to make their purchases. At the very least, all business websites should provide:

  • Email addresses
  • Telephone contact numbers
  • Live chat facilities

Unsecured payment process

Most internet users are smart these days, and they do not intend to get their accounts hacked. That is why the vast majority of people will not enter bank account information on pages that don’t provide proper security. Indeed, even the BBC releases guides to consumers showing them how to spot an issue. With that in mind, get the designers to create a checkout process that keeps all details as safe as possible. If people don’t see that little padlock in the left-hand side of the address bar, they will visit a different site. There are also many potentially negative consequences for the company if a data breach takes place. They include:

  • Bad publicity
  • Compensation payments
  • Time in court

No business owner wants to be bothered by things like that, and so it’s vital to provide the best security possible right now.

If entrepreneurs take advice from this page, they should find it much easier to boost website performance. Still, there is lots more to learn, and so research should not cease here. Company bosses need to keep their finger on the pulse and look for possible improvements every single day. That is how they will stay ahead of the competition, and that is how they will make a fortune in profit. Just never make the mistake of creating a site without the assistance of professionals. Consumers can spot an amateur design a mile away.

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