Since cars are definitely more affordable nowadays than they perhaps were in the past, it’s now a lot easier for people to buy and sell cars without too much consideration, and it’s also been made easier for them to do thanks to the internet offering many marketplaces for selling cars online.

However, if you have a car that does the job – as in it gets you to where you’re going safely and without any fuss, but it’s perhaps starting to look a bit worn, whilst many people will automatically jump to the conclusion that they have to sell the car, there’s actually a simple solution that doesn’t involve selling your car and that can actually save you money and stress.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the cost effective upgrades you can make to your car, so if it’s starting to look a bit past its time, but you don’t really want the hassle of selling, then using these tips could really help you out a lot.

Seat covers:

Since the seats are one of the main interior parts of the car that get used the most, it makes sense that after a while they’re going to look quite worn out. Especially if you have children or pets who frequently travel in your car, then they can look worn out all the quicker. The good thing is that you can buy seat covers for the whole car to not only upgrade the look of the seats, but also to keep the main portion of the seat protected from all the use they get. Seat covers come in all kinds of designs, fabrics, and colours, and they’re also removable which means you can pop them in the washing machine and give them a clean when needed, so this helps to last longer, too. You can find lots of places online selling affordable and high quality seat covers, so if you want a cost effective upgrade for your car, then this is definitely a good place to start,


Especially if you’re using your car a lot and you live in a place with a harsh climate, then the paint on your car can start to come off after a while. Although car paint is highly durable and built to last for many years, it can always benefit from a little touching up now and again just as a wall would, so if you’re looking for a fast and cost effective way to upgrade your car without shelling out a fortune on a new one or dealing with the hassle of selling, then considering some new paint for the outside could be a great solution.

Extra parts:

The parts of your car, such as the engine, etc are all the things that make it run properly and safely, so although these are also built to last for a longer time and should be checked regularly, even if they do decide to give up before you’re ready to part ways with your car, then you certainly don’t need to go through the hassle of selling since you can easily and affordably pick up some spare parts. You should always buy these from a legitimate company and preferably a garage or car dealership from where you bought the car or one who sells the type of car you have, such as those selling Genuine Vauxhall Parts, since it’s extremely dangerous to have the wrong parts in your car and there are people who sell them on the black market, so don’t allow yourself to get caught up in this.


Again, tyres are a pretty important part of your car that typically wear out after a while and that can easily be replaced for a reasonable cost to give you a good upgrade for your car.