It’s been quite a while since I did an update on the game room. In fact, the last time was back in February 2018 (you can read that here). Since then, I’ve made a rather large amount of change to the layout, furnishings and design of the room.

Now, I will be mentioning a few of the items in the room and where they came from, so I wanted to preface this post with a note that none of this is sponsored and I’ve not been asked or paid to promote any of the stuff. So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at what the game room has evolved into, shall we?

Making the Most of a Small Space

Now, my game room is currently in a 2-metre by 2-metre box room. Naturally, that doesn’t give a huge amount of space to store games, consoles, my PC, microphone and everything else I need. So, I had to rather clever with how I go about designing it and planning the layout. This is especially true as there is a built-in wardrobe that my wife needs for bedding and whatnot.

Adjustable bookcases are great for a game room!

With that in mind, I quickly realised that I needed to build upwards, not outwards. Therefore, I got myself a few Billy bookcases from IKEA, mixing between wide and thin ones. These would act as the main storage for my games. But because of the varying widths, I was also able to put some of my console and peripheral boxes on top of them. I also installed a floating shelf on the right-hand side of the room as well. That meant that I could get all of my games that I have collected so far on display, without taking up a huge amount of space in the room.

The Focal Point

With the games taken care of, the next step was to work on the focal point of the room; the gaming and blogging area. After all, this room has to double as both a games room and my office. Therefore, I needed to be careful about how I set up the main area of the room. I had originally been using a computer desk from Argos, but because of the very limited amount of storage space in the desk, it didn’t work with the number of consoles I had, as well as my TV/monitor and computer.

I adore the signed Uncharted poster, and my Brazen Shadow Pro chair is so comfortable.

So, I needed to make a change. To do this, I upgraded to the Fredde computer desk from IKEA (yes, I have a lot of stuff from IKEA). The desk comes with 2 small shelves, 2 medium shelves, 2 long shelves and a desk area.

I really love the new computer desk.

As you can see from the photo, I am making full use of the extra storage space. The middle-sized shelves on the bottom house my computer and power units. The long shelf just above the main desk holds the TV (which also acts as my monitor) as well as my PlayStation Classic, Nintendo Wii and SNES Classic. Then, half way up the height of the TV, we have the two small shelves. The one on the left currently houses my wireless charging station for my phone, whilst the one on the right is where the PlayStation VR Headset goes. Then, finally, the shelf above the TV holds the PlayStation family.

Floating shelves are great as they don’t take up extra space underneath.

The rest of the consoles I own are currently stored on the bookcases, each with their own shelf. This has meant that all of my 13 consoles are able to be on display, ready to use, without taking up too much space, which again, is one of the main aspects of the design of the game room.

Don’t Sweat The Little Things

With the computer, consoles and games all sorted, the only real thing left was to find a suitable way to store my controllers. Of course, that meant another trip to IKEA. However, this time I went to the bathroom section, rather than the office or bedroom areas. The reason for this is that they have a sort of pegboard that allows you to add different types of things on to it. It’s actually really hard to explain.

Controller storage can be difficult to figure out, but this works really well!

It is designed to let you store small towels, toothbrushes and the like. However, by using pairs of towel hooks, I have been able to create a place on the side of one of the bookcases where my controllers can sit safe and sound. This means that they are all sorted and stored away in a neat and tidy fashion, which is great! It also means that they don’t take up any unnecessary space!

And That’s All Folks

That’s the latest update on the game room. It is, by no means, anywhere near completion. It will be an ever-evolving room as I get more stuff and need to figure out new ways to store them. However, I’m really happy with the room so far!

What sort of game room do you have? Let me know in the comments below!