Are You A Dad Gamer Or A Gamer Dad?

Okay, so let’s start with a bit of background… I’ve been playing video games since I was about 6 and my mum got me my first games console; the Sega Megadrive. Over the years I’ve gotten more and more into games, moving on to the Playstation and Gamecube, and currently I have a PC and PS4 for gaming on. But now, my priorities have changed somewhat. I’m a Dad Gamer now… Not a Gamer Dad.
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So What’s The Difference

I would say it is the way you prioritise things in your head. It’s even on a subconscious level! A Dad Gamer puts his responsibilities as a father before gaming, whilst a Gamer Dad tends to think about gaming first.

For example, when a Dad Gamer is at work he would be thinking about going home to his kids. On the other hand, a Gamer Dad would be counting the hours until he could get back to his PS4 or Xbox One. Neither of these are necessarily a bad thing though… As long as you still raise your kid well and give them the love, care and attention they need then there’s no real problem.
to give me access to their tool so that I could review it! So, shall we get on with it?

How Can I Tell Which I Am?

Well, that’s pretty simple really… Ask yourself this; you have a spare £50… What would you do with it? Honestly?

Would you spend it all on clothes, toys or gifts for your kid? Was that the first thought you had, over gaming? If that’s the case then you’re a Dad Gamer.

On the other hand, being honest with yourself, if your first thought was to buy the latest AAA game, then you’re a Gamer Dad.
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Is There Something Wrong With That?

No. Let me reiterate that, as long as your child gets the love, care and attention they deserve then that’s fine.

In fact, it’s really important for yourself to be able to have some joy and fun in your life. Otherwise you’ll come to resent your current life and that’s really bad for your kid. So if you like gaming, you should definitely make time for it.

My only suggestion, as a gamer, is to try and cut back a bit. Play in the evenings or at night, when your little one is asleep. Try to maximise your time with them when they are awake. You’ll regret it later in life if you don’t.

Also, when it comes to cash flow, I was recommend holding out on the hype, waiting for the game you want, rather than buying it when it is first released… Wait a couple of weeks for the hardcore gamers to finish it and trade it in. Then, you can get it at a reduced price! And that extra money you saved can go towards your kid.

I would also recommend looking at your game collection and seeing which ones you honestly aren’t likely to play anymore. You should start trading them in, no matter how hard it may seem. You won’t get much for them, depending on their age, but it can help you buy the new game you want and still have a decent amount of cash left over for your kid!
to give me access to their tool so that I could review it! So, shall we get on with it?

And That’s All Folks

As I stated a number of times, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Dad Gamer or Gamer Dad… As long as your little one gets what they need and deserve from you, then everything is great!

Either way, the important part is to make sure you are able to adjust you gaming habit to fit your new lifestyle. Making time to game at night, whilst maximising your time with your little one, and trading in those games you really aren’t going to play again will alloy you to make the most out of both aspects of your life!