So, there’s been quite a lot of changes in the Digital Marketing world in the last few days. Therefore, here’s a brief round up of all the algorithm updates and ranking changes that Google have forced upon us! From the newest version of Google Penguin to a new step in the page speed journey, here’s a brief recap!

Google Penguin 4.0

I guess the biggest news to come out of the last week actually happened on Friday… It’s official, Google have finally updated the Penguin algorithm! But that’s not all. Google Penguin 4.0 is now real time and part of the core Google algorithm checks! So you should really start looking at your backlink profiles again! To find out more, you can read my post on Penguin 4.0 here.

Google Possum

The next major change to the industry came from Google Possum, the latest algorithm release that targets Local Listings. In short, geo-locatiopn of the actual person searching is now a major factor in whether you will be shown in the 3-pack results. Another aspect of Possum was a change to how Google values cities limits. To learn more, you can read the original post here.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another thing that has happened recently that needs to be addressed is Google announcing the added value in AMP-enabled content. These AMP pages will not be ranked instead of euivalent App deep-links, and are also being pushed out globally. On top of that, in the future they will be expanded to include things like e-commerce! Find out more about the changes here. And if you are using WordPress, you can check out the results of my test on the AMP WordPress plugin here!

Keyword Planner Data Change

The last thing to change recently was the Keyword Planner. Basically, if you aren’t spending a certain amount on PPC, you will no longer have access to the specific search volume data. Instead,search volume will be shown in grouped ranges such as 10,000 – 100,000. Obviously this is not particularly helpful when doing keyword research. To see one of the solutions that I came up with to get useful data on keywords, you can read my post here.