So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve started work on something I’ve always wanted to do; making a video game. As I’m new to the whole game development thing, I’m starting with a simple mobile puzzle game.

The basic premise is that you play a girl who is having a nightmare and needs to escape. To do so, you need to solve the various environmental puzzles, avoiding the monsters that live in the nightmare, all whilst in the dark. The only light in the world comes from the girl herself, so you need to careful watch what the monsters are doing, memorise where the traps are, and pay close attention to the doors.

Why? Because each door has a colour, and when you step through one, you’ll come out at another of the same colour! And because this is a dream world, sometimes you’ll come out upside down, on the ceiling. Other times, you may come out on the wall!

Here’s a little video showing Level 7 and 8 as they are at the moment. Please note that this is really early in development, and the floors/wall will also be hidden in shadow at the end of the development. On top of this, the menus have yet to be designed (I’m using the stock ones at the moment), and the sound effects will be changed (for example, the death sound will be a scream).

Again, it’s really early in development and a lot will be done to improve the quality. But so far, I’m actually really happy with how it is coming along! Would you be interested in play Doors when it is released? (It’ll be free to play on Android and PC, and I hope to get it on iOS eventually too!)

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