Effectively Using Images in Email Marketing

If you work in email marketing, you’re no doubt aware that a picture really can paint a thousand words and one choice image can boost your sales by a significant amount, but only if you use your images in the right way.

Here are some tips to ensure you use images to enhance your communications and increase conversions:

Images Should Enhance the Message

If you are going to use images in your email marketing campaigns, and you probably should, they should be there to enhance the message you’re trying to put out. You shouldn’t use an image as a replacement for good written copy, and you should always choose an image that backs up what you’re saying in words.If there’s a disconnect between image and copy, recipients could be confused or put off.

Get the Ratio Right

A picture might paint a thousand words, but it shouldn’t take up the same amount of space. Ideally, having 70 percent text and 30 percent images in your emails will strike the right balance, but you will need to ensure that you place the images in the optimum place. Professional email newsletter templates can help you with this, but as a rule of thumb, try to space out images so that there is one for every one or two paragraphs, depending on the amount of text in your emails.

Make them Mobile Compatible

More and more, people are using their mobile phones to read emails and shop online, which means that any images you use in your marketing emails should be compatible with mobile devices, and should use as little data as possible. This will ensure that they load perfectly and don’t put your readers off.

Position Bigger Images Under the Fold

If you are using larger images, you should always place them under the fold or preview area because a lot of people have set their devices to not download images automatically, and they could end up missing the bulk of your message if you position your images higher up.

Make Them Clickable

Making your images clickable and adding a call to action to them is a good way to maximize the reader’s opportunity to click through and convert because images draw the eye a lot more effectively than text. Of course, you should still include a text link to your website for users who have images blocked.

Avoid Background Images

Images might be great for drawing the eye, but you should almost never use a background image in your marketing emails because they can make it difficult for recipients to read the text and therefore compromise the message you’re trying to send out.

If you use all of the tricks above and you ensure that someone checks the layout of your emails before they are sent, you should find that your emails look more amazing and attract more attention than they ever did in the past. Hopefully, you will also see your conversion rates go through the roof.