When you’re gaming or streaming, your choice of headset is really important. That is especially true when you’re planning on a long gaming session, since you need to make sure that you can be as comfortable as possible. I’ve had a number of headsets over the years, all of which have been pretty good… But I also always stuck to wired headsets. It’s something to do with the retro side of me, I think.

I’ve never really trusted wireless headsets to provide the same quality and experience as wired ones.

Now, having tried out the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370, I have to admit that I was wrong. So, let’s take a look at the headset and see what has changed my mind!

What’s In The Box

The first thing we should probably talk about is what you actually get with the headset. You see, as mentioned, I have no real experience with wireless headsets because I didn’t trust them. I did an unboxing and initial first impressions of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 over on the 16-Bit Dad Twitch channel, which you can see here:

As you can see, I was instantly impressed with the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 wireless gaming headset. It felt very confortable and the sound quality was really high. I used it for the entirety of the streamer that night to really get an initial feel for it too. But before we get into that, let’s cover what you actually get;

  • The EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 headset
  • A USB wireless adaptor
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

Now, unsurprisingly, I didn’t look at the User Manual at all. But everything was really well packaged and definitely secure for transport and delivery. The headset arrived without any damage, which is always a good sign!


When it came to getting the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 setup, I was expecting a bit of a rigmeral. After all, a lot of wireless equipment often comes with driver issues or compatability difficulties. I fully expected to have to play around with things to get the headset to work right, especially due to the various sotware-based sound mixers and other applications I use on my PC.

Surprisingly, however, it proves to be extremely easy. The headset was instantly recognised by Windows 10, meaning that the drivers were found and installed excessively quickly. In fact, installation and setup of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 took me less than 3 minutes! It really is plug and play.

It is recommended that you update the software to the latest version, though. Doing this will help to remove a smaller number of minor bugs.

Once you’ve gotten everything set up, you’ll find that the volume control on the side of the headset controllers the master volume for your PC. That is very helpful as you can quickly make adjustments to the overall volume.

Comfort and Usability

So, now that we have the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 set up, the next thing to look at is the comfort and usability of these headphones. After all, as mentioned earlier, if you are planning long gaming or streaming sessions, you need to know that the headset won’t get uncomfortable to wear. They need to be able to handle hours upon hours of use.

Firstly, it is worth noting that I have been using these headphones every day for a couple of weeks now and I have only had to charge them once! One the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 box, it states that the headset should give you up to 100 hours of charge time. However, I would say that is surprisingly accurate. I have been using this headset for work, 8 hours per day during the week, as well as streaming 4 hours per day 6 days per week – that works out at around 60 hours per week of use. And I should say that I charged it out of choice – it had not run out or shown signs off being low on charge.

That level of usage also goes to show how comfortable the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 headset really is. After all, wearing a headset for 60 hours per week and not having any complaints about the comfort is a pretty good indicator that the headset wins in that department!

Sound Quality

The final aspect of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 headset I want to talk about is the sound quality. Once again, let me preface this by the fact that I did not trust wireless headsets before. Using a cable to connect devices is always going to give superior quality, right? Apparently not.

You see, having used wired headsets all my life, ranging from budget to luxury branded ones, the second I put the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 on and played some music, I could hear the difference. The levels of bass were so much clearer, there were almost no audible peaks when I maxed out the volume, and the volume itself provides an exceptional range! I currently have it set to 30%, since it uses the master volume from the PC, and even when listening to someone on Twitch with the player volume at 10%, I can hear them clearly.

The sound quality of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 headset is phenomenal. There really isn’t any other way I can think of to describe it.

And That’s All Folks

As I’m sure you have realised by now, I’m quite the fan of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 wireless gaming headset. Not only has it changed my opinion of wireless headsets, but I also get a number of comments about it after people see the headset on stream. It is stylish, extremely functional and feels wonderful to wear for extended periods of time.

You can find more detailed information about the specs of the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP 370 on their website here, or if you want to buy a set for yourself or someone else (I would obviously recommend it), they are available on Amazon here. Oh, and they are also Amazon Prime eligible, so you can get free next day delivery too – even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can get the free trial here to still get the free next day delivery!