Want to gain teambuilding experience, practice your critical thinking skills, and have a blast with your friends?

Book an escape room.

Escape rooms have grown from just 22 locations in 2014 to over 2,000 locations in 2018. The industry is growing because people enjoy using their brains while on an adventure!

But we know your competitive nature. You want to make sure that your team beats the clock and can take that victorious selfie at the end.

We’ve got some tips to ensure that your team comes up with a successful escape room strategy. Keep reading and you’ll be on your way to victory.

1. Determine Your Escape Room Strategy as a Team

If you can, build your team with people that you’re comfortable with and can work on a team with. If you’re going to an escape room with some of your teammates, you’ve already got this part in the bag.

Play with 50-75% of the maximum size a room can hold. That way, it’ll reduce the chaos and people won’t be bumping into each other.

Just like when you’re on the field, one person can’t win the game for everyone. Don’t try to figure out how to get out of the escape room by yourself, but work together with your teammates.

It can also be tempting to watch someone figure out an interesting puzzle, but you should avoid this. Your escape room strategy should have only 1-2 people per puzzle to keep things moving.

If a teammate looks lost, point them toward a puzzle or somebody who could use some help. Remember, every player is important!

2. Play Out Loud

One of the most important strategies is playing the game out loud. Announce any escape room clues that you find so your teammates know about them.

Maybe you find a key and your teammate finds a mysterious lock. If you both keep this information to yourself, your team will never figure out how to get out of the escape room.

This not only helps your group but also lets the game master know where you. They can’t give effective hints if they don’t know what you know.  

3. Ask for Help

If you are stuck on a puzzle, don’t dwell on it. Ask a teammate to jump in and move on to another puzzle.

On the flip side, don’t give up too easily—you aren’t a quitter. If you can’t figure something out in 5 minutes, ask for help. If your group can’t figure it out or everyone seems stuck, ask the gamemaster for some escape room hints.

Your escape room strategy shouldn’t make anyone become frustrated. The point is to have fun, and it’s no fun when it seems like you’re at a dead-end. 

4. Be Thorough, Not Forceful

A successful escape room strategy is being thorough in your search of the room. When the timer starts, assign each person should to an area to look for clues.

Search every single crevice, shelf, book, and cabinet for clues (and don’t forget to announce when you’ve found something!)

Once you’ve gathered your clues, try not to overthink the solutions. If a key doesn’t fit in a lock, don’t force it. It’s meant for something else.

You should also remember the big picture of the escape room. If you become obsessed with solving a specific puzzle, you’ll lose precious time solving the big puzzle and escaping.

Have Fun!

Your Instagram feed is waiting for a selfie full of winners. There’s nothing stopping a group of girls from coming up with a successful escape room strategy on their own.

Do you have any tips or success stories you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!