There are all sorts of reasons that people decide to buy a motorcycle; for some people it’s the thrill of riding one, for others, it’s the fact that they love the way they look, for others it may be simply because they want a convenient mode of transport.

It’s easy to see why so many people choose to ride a motorcycle for practical reasons. If you have one family car, trying to navigate getting to various places of work, school runs and clubs, then sometimes it makes sense for one parent to ride a motorcycle instead, to cut down on the logistical nightmare of family life when you have a million places to be at the same time. The growing shortage of available parking spaces, both in town and at places of work also adds to the appeal of getting a motorcycle too.

Don’t forget that your age, type of driver’s licence that you currently hold, whether you have a valid CBT certificate and the type of motorcycle that you intend to ride all come into play as to your eligibility to ride a motorcycle. All this information can be checked on the DVLA website.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to get a motorcycle, one thing remains unchanged which is that safety is likely to be a big concern for you, along with your family members. When thinking about getting a motorcycle, safety should be your primary concern. Once you have your motorcycle licence, it may be worth completing an enhanced rider scheme to develop your riding skills, build your confidence on the road and to improve your riding further.


Choosing the right helmet is essential for any motorbike rider, after all, this is a piece of equipment that could one day save your life, so the importance of choosing the right helmet should never be underestimated. It is worth doing some research to help you choose the right helmet for you and to understand the helmet’s safety ratings better. Key considerations include how high the safety rating is for the helmet, how well the helmet fits you, and how comfortable the helmet is – after all, you will be wearing it a lot.

Remember that helmets should be cared for, to ensure that they don’t become damaged by being dropped. The visor on your helmet should be cleaned following the manufacturer’s instructions on a regular basis to remove the dead insects and dirt that you’re sure to collect on your travels.


You may often see motorcyclists on their bikes wearing jeans and normal shoes. However, don’t forget that in the unfortunate event of a crash, jeans aren’t designed to protect your skin in the same way that proper motorcycle clothing is. Having the right motorcycle gear will not only be better to ride in but will also keep you safe too. The good news is that there is a wide range of motorcycle clothing and accessories out there in a variety of styles to suit a range of budgets. Check out Solo Moto for an extensive choice of motorcycle gear and accessories.
As well as a protective jacket and suit, motorcyclists also need protective footwear and gloves too. There are a number of options for protective gloves out there, so you may find that you want to purchase more than one pair to best suit different riding situations.

Additional Safety

Once you have all of your protective motorcycle clothing, boots, gloves and helmet, you may want to consider some additional items to help keep you even safer on the road.

To stay safe as a motorcyclist being seen is essential. Making sure that other road users know that you are there is an integral part of staying safe. By using reflective gear at night and then choosing bright, fluorescent gear during the daytime you can help maximise your chances of being seen and keeping yourself safe.

Other Useful Items

In addition to the items above, you may also want to pick up some handy extras to make your life on a motorbike not only much easier but more comfortable too:

  • Earplugs are useful to help reduce the noise in your helmet while you ride.
  • A bike lock so that your new pride and joy has protection from thieves.
  • A jumpstart kit so that you can get going again if you break down
  • A tyre and tube repair kit to get you up and running again quickly in case you get a puncture in the middle of nowhere.
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