Regular exercise is extremely beneficial for mental, physical, and emotional fitness. For a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, you should try to maintain a physically fit body and a healthy mind. According to research, many people find it challenging to balance gaming and working out.

However, with focus and determination, video game lovers can easily play their video games while simultaneously performing physical exercise. This means that you can burn fat and excess calories while still playing a video game in the comfort of your house.

Here are some of the exercises that can keep you fit as you enjoy your video games. It is worth noting that these exercises are just meant to stretch your muscles, however, and don’t facilitate the growth and development of muscles.


Squats are full-body exercises that generally concentrate on your core. Also, you can perform your squats while, at the same time focusing, on playing your favourite video games on the TV. To perform proper squats, follow these simple steps;

  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair – until you are parallel to the floor.
  • You can stretch your hands in front, but it is important to note that your back line should be straight.

Stationary Bicycling

Cycling on a stationary bicycle is another exercise that burns fat and excess calories while still allowing you to enjoy your video gaming session. Apart from this, cycling strengthens your leg muscles, hence improving your stability and movement.

The fantastic thing about this exercise is that you can cycle at your own convenient pace. Place your stationary bike in front of your TV screen, select a video game of your choice, and pedal your feet simultaneously with the speed of the game.

Seated Scissors

Every workout you do while playing your video game requires a straight back line, sitting position, and an engaged core. This exercise may be a little bit vigorous, and it is advised you do it while you’re waiting for your game to load. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to upping the intensity of your routine, workout supplements from SteroidsFax can come in quite handy. Don’t forget, supplements are meant to complement your workout routine.

The seated scissor exercise aims to stretch your abdominal muscles. Once appropriately seated with your backline straight, slowly lift your legs slightly above the ground then gently move them in an up and down motion, just like when cutting a piece of paper with a pair of scissors.

Arm Extension

Arm extensions or stretching are an exercise that most gamers can embrace to stretch their arm muscles, especially if the video game isn’t frantic or intense. It merely involves lifting your hands close to your shoulders to form the letter T, then gently lowering them down to your sides. This can be repeated until some strain and stress is felt on your muscles.

Benefits of Exercise

Some major benefits of exercising frequently are;

It Facilitates Efficient Flow of Blood Throughout the Body

Stretching while enjoying your favourite video games allows your blood to flow throughout the body, hence relieving pain in your muscles.

Burns Fat and Excess Calories

Performing exercises such as seated scissors while playing your video games burns excess calories and fat, which reduces your weight and also tones your body.