“Go on; you can do it.”

“Just one last push and you’re nearly there.”

“Hooray, you did it!”

For a parent, there is no better feeling when watching your child take his or her first steps. Not only is it a sign they are becoming independent, but it’s reassuring too. No one wants their son or daughter to be slow on the uptake, whether it’s walking or talking. But, now that your little bundle of joy is mobile, what does the future hold? After all, things are about to change and massively!

Here are a few things to expect when you’re expecting.

Bumps and Bruises

Sadly, lots of kids resemble Bambi on ice and bounce from one piece of furniture to the next. The good news is there seems to be method to the madness. In fact, plenty of babies are a dab hand at cruising. Inevitably, however, there will be a hiccup along the way. Kids fall over and hurt themselves on a daily basis, and it gets worse as they attempt to walk. The only thing you can do is keep a close eye on their progress and try and limit the damage. But, tears and a shoulder to cry on are unavoidable.


Small babies seem difficult until they grow up and start to walk. Once they are mobile, it’s a whole new ball game for parents. There is no leaving them in a cot while you check the dinner or letting them roll around on the floor. Kids that can move are always on the go and curious too. So, there will be times when he or she attempts things which are plain dangerous and panic will set in. Again, all you can do is be watchful and hope they acquire a modicum of common sense!

Tired Arms

Every parent does it when their child is learning to walk. You plan on going out the house and forget the pram. Rookie error, until you realise your kid is a walking expert. Yep, your son or daughter will stroll through a day out on his/her feet. Then, after a while, their little legs give way and you have to pick up the slack. The reason you bought a Bo Bebe stroller in the first place was to make life easier, so don’t leave it at home. Carrying a small child is fine until your arms start to falter. If you continue to forget the pram, you may have to start hitting the gym again!


It sounds odd but mums and dads get sad when they see their child walk. Why? It’s because it’s a sign they are growing up. Sure, the kids will be in the house for another 18 years at least, but the mind still wanders. Parents think about their kids as adults and the tears start to flow. As proud as you are, you can’t help but contemplate the future.

Ultimately, expect everything from happiness to sadness and tears and physical pain.