Living in Bourne, there’s a select few amount of places that you can go to quickly for a family meal… I mean, there’s quite a few pubs, a couple of Chinese and Indian takeaways, but not a lot for families with young kids.

So, when we decided to have a meal out, we thought it would be best to go to the Sugar Mill. We’d been there a couple of years ago (before my daughter was born) and really liked the food. So it seemed like a good idea… Note that it seemed like a good idea. Anyway, we got ready and walked down to the  family pub… And we were told that we need a reservation because they are so busy…

First Attempt

So that was a good start… We left and had McDonalds. A week later, we decided (in advance) that we would go there. So I booked a reservation during the day, and when we got there, everything was fine. Well… We got a table at least.

You see, I had specifically asked that we be given a table near the play area for toddlers, because of our daughter. Instead, they sat us at the other end of the pub! It was then that we found out the management had changed since we had last been there. As had the kitchen staff…

I had a steak and kidney pie and my wife had a well done steak and chips. The first thing to note was how small the portions had become. I had a total of 10 chips… Yes, I counted them.

On top of that, my wife’s “well done” steak was medium at best… And I should know. I trained as a chef! But nevertheless, we were hungry and we ate it. Unfortunately, we were still hungry afterwards.

Second Visit

About a month later, when we wanted to go out for a meal again, we were dubious about going to the Sugar Mill, but it was a nice and sunny day, and they have seating in the garden. So, we did. We took our seats, and I went inside to order our food;

  • Peri Peri Chicken Burger and Chips for me
  • Classic Chicken Burger and Chips for my wife
  • A baguette for my daughter

Now, it’s really important to state that they were not busy at the time. In fact, there were only 4 tables (including us) in the garden, and about 7 inside. Plus, our meals weren’t special orders or anything… They were just the standard meals from the menu. So, why did we have to wait for an hour and a half for them?

Oh! And it may well have been more. We got them after I went in and complained that we’d be waiting for so long! On top of that, the actual quality of the meal was horrendous, as you can see below.

We got quite a few more chips this time, which was nice. But the burn was burnt to a crisp. It was actually snapping apart in my hands! Plus, as you can see, the peri peri sauce for the bure was just thrown on to the plate! In fact, the sauce that you see on the plate was all of the peri peri sauce! There wasn’t any on the burger!

My wife’s meal wasn’t any better either. The burger had been slung onto the plate, with more burnt bread. Her chips were cold too!

Oh, and that brings us to my daughter’s “meal”… You know, the baguette? I had to go to the bar again to remind them of it… Keep in mind that, because we were sitting in the garden, we’d already paid for this food…

When the baugette finally did come, it was black on the bottom and soft on the top! How does that even happen?

So, What Did We Think?

Well, for a family pub in a small town like Bourne, the fact that you need to make reservations was a surprise. However, we can deal with that… Or rather, we could if they would actually take into consideration the fact that we have a toddler with us.

What we cannot deal with is the lack of attention paid to the quality of the food. Oh, and the fact that either the chefs are incredibly slow, or that the chefs and the floor staff have a tendancy to forgot about your order. On top of that, they get sarcastic and moody when you go and ask for it…

I would like to say that we won’t be going there again, but unfortunately, they kind of have a monopoly on family places to eat in Bourne. However, at the very least I can warn you all not to go there! I would not recommend this place now, which is a real shame, as it used to be a reallynice place with good service and quality food… But then, that was under the old management.

Do yourselves a favour and find another place to eat.

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