Back in part 1 of this two-part post about our holiday to Primorsko, I spoke about the airport, check-in and keeping the princess entertained. Now, in part two, I’ll be talking about the hotel, the actual holiday and what is was like trying to get the princess to actually play in the water!

The Hotel

Now, I had no idea what hotel we were going to be staying in, as my in-laws had booked it all. So, when they picked us up from Burgas airport and told me that we were going to a 2-star, I was a little dubious! But when we actually got to the Sunshine Hotel, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t a luxury hotel, of course, but it was nice. The place was clean, and it had a breakfast bar that was a decent enough size. On top of that, it had a quaint little garden area with seating if you wanted to enjoy the 35+ degree June weather.

As for the rooms, they were simple, with just a bed, small fridge, storage space and a small TV, but they were spacious! And that shower room was very clean and with a strong shower. You won’t find much in them, and the placement of some of the plugs are a bit odd, but to be honest, you probably won’t be spending much time in the hotel. The actual resort is so lively and the beach is (literally) 5 minutes walk from the hotel, that you’ll only really use it for sleeping!

The Holiday Itself

Now, we were there for a week, which may sound like a short time, but believe me… It was long enough in that heat! You see, I’m not really a big fan of hot weather. So, when we landed and it was 37 degrees, I was melting almost immediately! Thank God the hotel had air-con!

The first day we were there, we decided to take it easy and just sit and chat with the in-laws (my OH’s parents, sister and sister’s husband were all there). Luckily, Primorsko has dozens of open air restaurants, countless outdoor cafes and hundreds of cool (not all that touristy) shops to look around. So we spend the afternoon in the town. The princess, however, got somewhat bored of that.

So, the next day started early; we woke up at 8 and got ourselves breakfast before heading down to the beach.

We actually spent the majority of the holiday on the beach, since it’s such a beautiful place and the water was crystal clear! There are, again, some really nice bars and restaurants along the top of the beach, as well as some actually in the middle of the sand. There’s jet ski hire, which works out at about £15 for 10 minutes. You can go wind surfing, kite surfing and wake-boarding too! There’s just so much to do!

That is, unless you have a toddler that’s never been to the beach before. You see, the princess didn’t really like the sound of the waves, or the feel of sand on her feet…

The Adventure Of A Toddler At The Beach

That first day at the beach, we dressed her in her swimming nappy and took her down to the water front. We were planning on letting her splash about in the shallowest part, where the water comes up the sand. But nope!

Oh my God, did she ever scream! I had not heard her cry like that before, and it broke my heart almost immediately. I thought she’d hate us for ages for bringing her anywhere near the sea! So, instantly, we took her back to the other end of the beach and let her calm down in my arms. Then, we tried to get her to play in the sand… It was still early morning so the sand wasn’t too hot. But still, she cried and kicked and wouldn’t have it.

For that first day, she basically played on the towels and sheets that we’d put on the ground, not going near the edges because there was sand there!

She also spend almost all day wearing my t-shirt, which was really cute! But she was happy enough with it, smiling and laughing whilst playing.

But the next day, the weather was even hotter! And whilst we were happy going into the water to cool off, we knew the princess wouldn’t be. So, we went and bought a paddling pool and filled it with water from the sea. It took about 10 trips with a bucket to fill it! But once it was done, we got her ready and tried to put her in the paddling pool… Same reaction!

At this point, we weren’t sure what to do. We kept her in shade that day as much as possible, but we knew she needs to spend some time in the water! Not just to cool down but to get used to it as well. Then, that evening, when my OH and her Mum were giving the princess a bath (in the same paddling pool), they realised something; the princess was more than happy to sit and play in it with the warm water!

So, the next day, we filled about 8 2-litre bottles with warm water and carried those down to the beach with us. We used those to fill up the paddling pool, and left it in direct sunlight for a bit whilst we gave the princess breakfast.

After a little while, we decided to try and see if she would play in it with the warmer water… And guess what… She did!

And so, we were all felt really bad that we’d tried to put her in the pool before, without having heated the water first… But at least she was happy and playing in it now! In fact, she utterly loved it! She never wanted to come out of it, even for food. So after every meal and nap, we let her play in it more. And that’s another reason why we ended up staying at the beach so much!

And That’s All Folks

In the end, it was a great holiday, and if you’re looking for somewhere that will cater to both fun-loving adults and children/toddlers alike, I would definitely recommend giving Primorsko a look! There’s even a mini theme park and a water park around the resort!

Oh, and it’s not too far from Burgas itself, the 3rd largest city in Bulgaria! Plus, there’s loads of greenery and forests to walk around in, historical buildings to see and more! So, yeah…If you’re wondering where to go for your next holiday, you could do a lot worse! Check out Primorsko and see what you think!

To sign off with, here’s a few more shots from the holiday!

Have you ever been to Bulgaria? Would you consider going? Have you got any funny stories about holidays with kids? I’d love to know, so why not leave a comment below!