Parenting is about leadership- teaching your child right from wrong, putting them on the best path for the future and encouraging their hopes and dreams. However, great parenting also includes friendship, a chance to connect with and bond with your child- it can help you to understand them in a completely different way. And what better way to get to know the little person you’re raising than to enjoy some hobbies with them, develop interests together and build that positive history that they’ll look back on when they’re adults and smile. Here are some ideas.

A sport or active hobby

Kids need plenty of activity to keep them fit and well, and most of us adults could do with getting more of it as well. So why not get involved in an active hobby that you can enjoy with your son, you’ll get your exercise in but will be having so much fun it won’t feel like a chore. You could try out a father/ son team sport, see if there are any cricket, football or basketball teams locally that offer this. You could play one- on- one, or take up a sport like tennis or badminton. If you’re both beginners you could book some lessons, or if you already have a sport you’re good at it’s an opportunity to pass on your skills. You could go swimming every weekend, go to the trampoline park and mess around or go on long hikes with your dog. This would be a chance to chat, take photographs, go bird watching or just take in the scenery as you go.


Not all hobbies have to be especially productive. Sometimes you just want to kill some time and have fun without an end product in mind. Gaming is great for this, it’s accessible (no need to leave the house!) can be done in bad weather, any time of day that you’re free. Gaming might get a bit of a bad rap, but there’s a place for it within a healthy routine. As long as your kids aren’t doing it as a substitute for exercise, socialising or learning then what’s the harm if they enjoy it? There are loads of age-appropriate games you can play with your kids, and it can even be another way to add a dimension to a hobby you already have together. For example, if you love to play football, go to football matches and watch it on tv, a game of Fifa together every now and again could be a lot of fun. You get that competitive element, and there are even additional elements you could bring in like igvault’ fifa coins to trade players.


Camping and getting outdoors is a great way to spend time together, and there’s plenty of skills you can pass onto your son. From pitching a tent to building a campfire, orienteering using a compass and map reading- the list is endless. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, it’s a great time to get out there and enjoy some fun father/ son time.

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