From DragonFish to MicroGaming – Here’s Every Best Bingo Network You Can Play Online in 2020

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  • From DragonFish to MicroGaming – Here’s Every Best Bingo Network You Can Play Online in 2020

Bingo networks, like other types of networks, put together several bingo sites and companies in one platform. As such, sites from the same network will have a lot more similarities than differences. They may differ in how they portray their features, but more often, you’ll find them sharing some of those features as well as their technology. There were a few bingo networks available in the previous years, but that has since changed. Now there are multiple networks with many new ones coming into the market daily. This can easily lead to confusion if you’re someone who prefers networks over single sites. You can find some fantastic networks at Boomtown Bingo. Some of those networks will have similar themes for their websites, but others will have a mixture of various features and different themes.


If you want a bingo network that has been around for a very long time, then go to DragonFish. This is one of the networks that has a massive following with numerous bingo sites, but that following started reducing because of the similarities among the sites. However, they improved the network and are now responsible for multiple amazing bingo sites with a wide variety of options.

Virtue Fusion

This network has always had different concepts for their bingo sites. They usually incorporate different ideas into their bingo games. They are known to be responsible for some of the biggest bingo brands in the market, with one example being Buzz Bingo. This network sometimes works together with other companies like Playtech to make their sites superior.

Cozy Games

If you’re one of the people who go after a site with the best bonus offers, then you’ve probably played on several sites on this bingo network. They are known to have some of the best bonus options as well as the best technology. The network usually collaborates with some of the best software developers to make their sites great technologically. Their sites are also known to be among the safest in the market.


Like other brands, Gamesys has also worked with other reputable brands to produce some of the most reliable and versatile bingo sites. These sites have also been a favorite of many players. They remain some of the most sought after bingo sites.


Microgaming is one of the brands that broke through the online gaming industry 2hen only a few other companies did it. This, together with the quality of their games, helped them get a huge gathering that has remained loyal to them to date. It’s common to find people who look for MicroGaming sites specifically and won’t settle for anything else. They don’t just produce games for their bingo sites; this bingo network also provides games for other websites. They also work with other reputable brands occasionally to provide new bingo games.

Selecting the best bingo network

One of the factors that set the best bingo network apart from other networks is that a bigger network holds it. This means you’ll find that the networks above share a lot of factors, including similarities in software. However, you still need to know how to choose the best possible option for you. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • The ability of the bingo network to provide sites that can be opened and used on mobile devices. Nowadays, people use their phones and tablets more than they use PCs. As such, many players need games that they can play on such devices. Some of the networks will give apps, but most of the time, a functional site is enough.
  • Licensing and regulation of the site. Before you register in any bingo network or site, you should check whether they have been authorized to provide the games they claim to produce. Any good bingo network will have a “white label” categorization to show that they are reputable and trustworthy. If you don’t want to go through the hustle of checking their licensing status, then choose one from Boomtown Bingo.
  • The modes of payment allowed by that site: Allowing different types of cards isn’t enough. They should also enable electronic payment methods. Any good bingo network understands this and will often include options like PayPal and Skrill, among other online payment methods. The more options available, the better the site in terms of convenience and flexibility.

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