Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for a lot of couples that means long, leisurely meals at fancy restaurants, champagne and caviar in the bedroom and more than a little romance.

For others, those who are parents, on the other hand, things aren’t quite so simple! If we can’t get a babysitter, then it’s another Valentine’s Day in with the kid, but you know what? That doesn’t have to be a bad thing – there is lots of fun to be had when you spend Valentine’s as a family.

Not convinced? Check out these fun ways to spend Valentine’s day as a family:

Making Chocolate

Instead of giving your love chocolate hearts, get in the kitchen and whip up a batch together as a family – you can find out how to do that here. Time spent cooking is perfect for bonding and what kid doesn’t like cooking? Hopefully, they’ll put so much effort into crafting their chocolate hearts (and eating it) that they’ll go to bed early and you can have some private time eventually.

Buying Flowers

Flowers and Valentine’s go hand in hand, so instead of forgoing them all together, go on a family trip to pick out a bunch of two of beautiful blooms to brighten up the family home. You can find a very interesting guide to buying flowers here if you all want to know more about the choices you make, but be sure to make it fun by letting the little one(s) use their imagination and make their own choices. I guarantee it’ll be lots of fun.

Tell The Kids Your Story

What night could be better for telling your kids the story of how you got together than Valentine’s – the night that is associated with romance? Snuggle up on the couch and reminisce about the first time you met, how you got together and what you loved about each other. Um, editing out the risque bits, of course!

Make Valentine’s

The Valentine’s card is a huge part of the day, and if you’re spending it with the kids in tow, it is a great way to keep them occupied. Task them with creating their own Valentine’s cards, with anything they have in the craft drawer, and then hand them out to friends, family, grandparents or even people at the local old folks home who would be delighted to know that someone is thinking about them!

Have a Game Night

Of course, just because it’s valentine’s doesn’t mean you have to do something that is obviously related to the date. Having a game night with the family could be a lot of fun instead. Whether you choose board games or console games, you can have a lot of fun just being together doing something that you love. If you can find any games that have an even remotely romantic angle then so much the better. Have fun.

Go for a Walk

Keep the family active by going for a walk in the most romantic scenery you can find in your area, whether that be rolling hills or a quiet beach. As the kids play, you might even be able to steal a romantic moment or two.

You see- Valentine’s Day really can be fun, even when you’re on daddy duty!