Cheats are certainly nothing new in the world of video games, with some of the very earliest titles having this sort of functionality available to them. Originally in place as a tool used by developers to test the later versions of their games, the use of cheat codes by normal users was never supposed to be a trend, but this quickly changed as users found access to the inner workings of the titles they played. Nowadays, this sort of behaviour has been taken to a whole new level. To give you an idea of how this part of the gaming industry has changed, this post will be exploring the differences between retro and modern exploits in video games.

Retro Game Cheats

One of the earliest examples of a cheat code being used can be found in the title Manic Miner, a ZX Spectrum game which is similar to a lot of the games which came out around the same time. The code was designed so that the developer of the game could test certain aspects of its functionality without having to obey the normal rules. Over the years after Manic Miner’s release, throughout the 80’s and 90’s, loads of games with various cheating methods hit the market. Most notably is Castle Wolfenstein, as this game has products sold alongside it which opened the game up in similar ways to a lot of the codes available at the time.

Modern Day Cheating

Moving along to the cheats which people are using today, you find yourself in a completely different world. With the uprising of online gaming, exploits have a real chance to have an impact on the way that games are played, with some being able to change the outcome of games between more than one user. Websites like TKO-Hacks are a great example of a service which can provide this power to those willing to pay for it. Whether you want to have automatic aiming in CS:GO or the ability to see everything around you in BF1, you can find tools which will do all of it for you if you’re willing to look for them. Of course, this will often get users banned from the games they play, and won’t really get you anything in return.

When the first deliberate cheats were added to video games, they weren’t made with online play in mind. The only multiplayer games at the time existed in arcades, where these sorts of exploits simply weren’t possible, and this makes it hard to apply the same carefree attitude people used to have today. Instead, cheating in modern games has a negative impact on the industry as a whole. With Esports on the rise, gamers have to work hard to make sure that accountability plays a big role in the way that online titles are played, and this could mean having to abandon cheating altogether.

Cheating In Gaming

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to do some research into the field of cheating in games. Over the years, this sort of issue has changed a lot, going from gamers having too much pride to use cheats, to online games being all but ruined by them. Of course, though, at the end of the day, it’s always your choice as to whether or not you’d like to use something like this.

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