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If you have read my History of Final Fantasy post, you’ll know exactly how the original Final Fantasy for the NES came about. It was incredibly successful, launching one of the biggest and longest-running gaming franchises ever. As such, it is no surprise that it was updated for the PS1 as part of the Final Fantasy Origins collection.

This version of Final Fantasy 1 featured upgraded graphics that made use of the 32-bit PlayStation, along with a small number of FMV sequences and re-recorded music. It also added battle screens more akin to Final Fantasy IV, V and VI. As such, it was a largely well-received remake that brought the game into the eyes of fans who hadn’t been able to play the original release.


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    As beloved as the original release of Final Fantasy is, it has aged very poorly. There were a number of glitches and the battle system was ugly, at best. However, it had a huge amount of charm which led to its success.

    But by the time the PS1 was around, Square knew they needed to revitalise the game. So they did. The Origins version of Final Fantasy 1 is a phenomenal game and a triumphant labour of love in terms of recreating and recapturing the magic of the original version whilst also massively updating it.

    The new battle system feels smooth and enjoyable, whilst the music and overworld are now highly engaging. The story, albeit shallow, remains intact, if not slightly improved by better translations. Plus, the reworked boss fights and mechanics around magic and items are more than welcome!

    If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise but haven't gone back to see where it all started, then the PSP or GBA versions might be the better choice due to further enhancements. However, this release of Final Fantasy is still a resounding success for the time, in my eyes.

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