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Released in 1999 by Sony Computer Entertainment as their first attempt to create a JRPG, The Legend of Dragoon is a four disc epic fantasy game on the original Playstation that has since garnered a cult following.

The unique implementation of a turn based battle system with combos, as well as the limited inventory and general challenge of the game has divided players for years. However, for those who have enjoyed their time playing The Legend of Dragoon, few other RPGs of the time come close to the entertainment offered by this classic in the genre.

Therefore, it is no surprise that people are still asking for a sequel or remake!


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    The Legend of Dragoon is an interesting game when you look at people's opinions of it. Many have never played it, a number of people love it and others think it is a poor excuse for an RPG. Opinions are mixed to say the least!

    However, in my opinion, The Legend of Dragoon is the perfect example of a late 90s JRPG. From the slightly janky translations of dialogue to the absolutely beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds, The Legend of Dragoon covers everything you would expect from a PS1 JRPG but also offers a lot more on top of that.

    The storyline, whilst using a number of cliches to begin with, branches out and feels unique after the first 1/8th of the game. There are a number of twists in it that you probably won't see coming, even after all of these years. However, it isn't like they come out of nowhere and you realise afterwards that the game has been cleverly building up to them.

    Through the use of combo-style inputs during physical attacks (called Additions), combat feels for more engaging that the vast majority of other RPGs at the time (and compared to many modern ones too). On top of that, limiting you to just attacks and items (including magic items) when not transformed adds a layer of tactical strategy to the battles.

    However, it is important to note that The Legend of Dragoon is not an easy RPG. It is challenging and you will likely get a lot of game overs. That said, it is thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone.

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