These Games Are Guaranteed to Give You An Adrenaline Boost

Many hardcore gamers are so addicted to the genre precisely because so many games are designed to get your brain to squirt out a good dose of adrenaline and endorphins while you play. This may be by rewarding you, scaring you, or even impressing you with the graphics, but whatever way they do it, it can be seriously fun. With this in mind here is a breakdown of some of the best games that can give you a real buzz.

VR Games

The fact that VR games are so immersive in enough to give you a buzz on its own but combine that with the experience of real peril, and you have an addictive combination. After all, you have to remember that your brain doesn’t differentiate between walking on a high wire in real life and walking on one in virtual reality! Even though in fact you are just in your living room and there is no real danger at all.

The PSVR is something you can read about in more detail at The main advantage of having a VR setup like means you can live out some of your lifelong fantasies and get that rush from them in the comfort of your own front room including going diving with sharks or scaling a mountain.

Recommended game on the PSVR that are truly adrenaline boosting include the London Heist where you get to be an East End gangster, or the truly terrifying Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood when you get to ride through a haunted fairground and deal with all the creepy things that come your way. You will definitely notice your raised heart rate when you have finished playing that last one, just try not to scream so loud that you disturb the neighbours!

Horror Games

Bear in mind though that you certainly don’t have to have all the new tech of a VR system to get some good old fashioned scares by playing video games.

In fact, you can quite easily terrify yourself by picking up classics like those from the Resident Evil serious, as well as Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark.

Decent horror games are nearly all adrenaline-fueled.

If you play these games, expect moody ambiance, creepy soundtracks, and plenty of jump scares that will get the adrenaline pumping. Also if you find that these sorts of games are your cup of tea, check out my list of others great titles in this genre here.

Games of Chance

While horror games provide a sense of peril in terms of life-threatening survival, games of chance offer a different type of thrill.

This type of adrenaline boots is all about the thrill of beating the system and coming out on top. Something that you can satisfy on sites like NewCasinoSites.Casino, or alternatively with games like Vegas part on the PS4. Just remember if you are playing with real money make sure you stop when the fun stops. Otherwise, your adrenaline may turn into anxiety.

Racing Games

Another fantastic type of game that can get you really hyped up is the racing game. There are plenty on the market too. Some of which are more traditional in that they feature cars such as Gran Turismo Sport and Driveclub.

However, there are others that fall into this category that have the added advantage of being science fiction based as well. I’m thinking of games like WipeOut here. There is just something about a game that combines hover flyers and electronic dance music (EDM) that really boosts those happy chemicals in your brain!

Wildcard Games

Talking of EDM, let’s not forget the other games that are out there that have killer soundtracks and are sure to give you a real thrill when playing.

In particular, look out for the classic Rez as reviewed at It’s a strange mix of flying, rhythms, and shooting. With simple yet futuristic graphics, that I challenge anyone not to love.

Then there is the newer offering Thumper, a game that can also be played in VR. This is a combination of a guitar hero type bar, but instead of a line that hits the notes, you play as a beetle that is speeding along a silver track.

The idea is that you press the buttons on the controller as you hit certain points in the game creating a rhythm that feeds into the soundtrack and effects the visuals. Of course, it sounds simple, but it’s anything but. In fact, it’s easy to learn but fiendishly hard to master, making it one of the most challenge and fun adrenaline-fueled game on the market out there. See what I mean by checking out the gameplay video at