Did you know that one of the most important things for any blog or small to medium business (and large businesses to an extent) is a mailing list?

It’s the best way to be able to re-engage visitors and bring them back to your site to read your latest post or buy your latest product. The visitor has given you express permission to contact them directly! Nothing can be more powerful than that. But, it can be hard to get people to actually sign up.

That’s where you need to be creative, or find something creative that someone else has already made. This is where tools like the quiz system from Interact comes in. I’ve given the tool a try, and here’s my review on why you need to get this today!


It’s really easy to register and get started with making your quizzes. They have a great big button on their homepage that takes you to the free account registration for. From there, it’s just a case of filling the form out and you’re in!

However, it should be noted that the free account only gives you access to the quiz system. You don’t get to use the tool for lead generation (building your mailing list). However, if you just want to increase engagement and get more social shares, then it’s a great place to start!

But for those of us who want to build up a close-knit following of email subscribers, then you’ll need full access to everything. However, considering the conversion rates I’ve been getting, the price is really good and definitely worth it!


Okay, so you’ve set yourself up with an account, but now what? Where to get started?

Well, you can run a trial quiz using one of the huge amount of pre-made quiz templates that Interact supply. These are all fully setup and ready to go as is! Or, you could use one of these templates as a base quiz to modify and create your own quiz from it.

Whether you want to make a quiz, giveaway or poll, there will be a big button for you to click on to help you get started with each of them.

On top of that, there is a bunch of really handy videos that will help you get your head around how the tool works. The guys at Interact have gone out of their way to make it as easy to understand and get started with as possible.


Ok, so this is the big one. After all, what’s the point in a tool if it can’t do the job, right? Well, the quizzes from Interact certainly can!

You may have noticed what my conversion rate from people starting a quiz to signing up to my mailing list, and at the moment it’s about 60%. That is an insane conversion rate! In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen any conversion rate guy that high!

They even have analytical data right then in the tool, for each quiz. So, you’ll be able to see which type of quiz is best suited for your audience – that’s a huge plus in and of itself. You can have a look at each of your quizzes or giveaways to see which ones convert the most, and which have the largest drop off rate.

With that information, you can then make sure that you are always publishing quizzes that will work for you and your audience!

Who can argue with a 60% conversion rate and detailed analytics?


Now, as mentioned earlier, you can sign up for a free account to see exactly what the tool is like. With a free account, you can create your quizzes and see how well people engage with them. From there, if you wanted to start using it for mailing list sign ups, you can upgrade to the “Lite” package for just $29/£22 per month.

I, for one, couldn’t recommend Interact’s quiz system more! The conversion rate alone makes it an utterly amazing tool for anyone, but considering the monthly cost, it’s really good!

For the “Lite” package, you can get up to 60,000 email subscribers per year, which is huge. And yet, even if that wasn’t enough, there are other plans you can upgrade to as well. So you’ll definitely have everything covered.

And That’s All Folks

All in all, Interact’s quizzes are amazing. They are fun, customisable and interactive. You can embed them in your site, encourage people to share it, and white-label it so that it has your branding. You can build your own quizzes or use their templates to get started, allowing you to make quizzes that are suitable for your specific audience.

Plus, again, I’ve had a consistent conversion rate of 60% – that’s just insane! I have never seen a tool consistently hold such a high conversion rate… Ever… If you’re looking for a tool to help build up your mailing list, user engagement or social shares, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re interested in trying Interact’s quiz system out for yourself, you can find more here. I cannot recommend this more, it is an amazing tool for bloggers, SMEs and even large companies! Go check it out, and you’ll be amazed too.

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