Getting My Sophisticate Style Sorted With Jacamo

One thing I can say about myself is that my fashion sense is awful. I’ve never been able to determine what looks good or how to put together a decent outfit. This has long been a downfall for me when it comes to work, as I’m now required to dress smartly at all times when in the office or visiting clients.

Thankfully, I was able to find a host of clothes on Jacamo that looked smart and sophisticated.

An Unsophisticated Start

So as a young man, I used to dress in baggy jeans, chains and chokers. I was a complete and utter metal-head, and that followed me pretty much until I was married. That sort of fashion sense was the only one that I knew, and I always felt uncomfortable in other types of clothes.

However, now that I am a Dad and a “professional” at my job, I need to get myself looking more sophisticated. I need to dress for business.

The sheer idea of dressing in that sort of style bothered me, as it was such a difference compared to what I was used to and comfortable with. There was just something about wearing shirts and smart trousers that didn’t sit well with me.

Being More Adult

Thus, we get to the point where I needed to suck it up and act like the adult that I’m supposed to be. So I decided to get a number of items from Jacamo. After looking around their website, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of clothes that would fit me – being a man with slightly more baggage, it can be hard to get smart clothes that fit comfortably.

In the end, I ordered a few shirts, a jump and a pair of smart-looking black jeans. They were surprisingly affordable as well, especially since I was expecting to pay a lot of money.

On top of this, the delivery was really swift as well, meaning that I was able to get my nice, new clothes in time for an important client meeting. So yeah, I was very impressed with Jacamo based upon that.

Getting Sophisticated

And so, with my new clothes having arrived, I decided to try them on and see how they were. Firstly, I have to say, the fabric felt very comfortable and everything felt very strong. Being that I’m a Dad, that’s really important for me as my clothes often get damaged when playing with my daughter.

The shirts are really nice to wear, even for someone like me, and considering the cold weather at the moment, the jumper that I got from Jacamo has kept me nice and cosy all day long.

Every piece of clothing I got feels as though it is actually a really high-quality fabric, which is great. And when put together, they create a very smart looking outfit, which is perfect for me and my needs.

And That’s All Folks

I was, and still am, very impressed with Jacamo – from both a smart clothing and casual clothing point of view. They have a really good selection of items on their website and cater for all sizes, which is great for me. I shall definitely be buying from them again in the future!

Have you bought anything from Jacamo? Let me know what you thought of their clothes in the comments below!