Yeah, yeah, I know! Technically that’s why I’ve been doing this whole time with all of the Digital Marketing articles that I’ve been writing. But you know what, that’s what they are – articles. So, I’ve restructured the architecture of the website a bit, moving all articles and marketing related reviews into the Digital Marketing section, so that if that’s what you are after, it’s easy to find!

I’ve then added this new section, and after much thought and planning (yeah, right) called it “blog”. Basically, this is where I get to rant, rave, spew my random thoughts and just be a bit more personal! This is where the Punk comes out to play!

So, what can you expect from this part of That Marketing Punk in the future? That’s hard to say, really… I’ll be doing reviews of movies, games and tech… I’ll discuss things happening in the world… Basically, you can expect to see a blog, rather than industry news (which is what the Digital Marketing section is for).

I guess it’s worth noting that, since this is where I can be personal, and not industrial, the language may be a bit more colourful. On top of that, since I have a love for horror movies (and The Walking Dead), there may very well be disturbing screenshots!

But all in all, I think this is going to be fun! Stay tuned guys! It’s time to get Punk’d!

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