As we all know, eSports has been growing constantly. I recently wrote about the rise of eSports in the UK (here) and decided that I wanted to help raise both awareness of the eSports scene and also of how to get started with eSports. This is because, the more people who get started, the bigger the eSports industry will grow.

So, with that, let’s take a look at how you can get started with competitive gaming and eSports, shall we?

Choose One Game To Focus On (For Now)

If you have ever asked yourself “how do I play esports” then you’re certainly not alone. I think almost every gamer out there has wondered and questioned how they could earn money from their beloved hobby. But did you know that the best way to get started is to focus on one game, to begin with? This may sound strange or even a little boring, but there is a method behind the madness!

You see, if you choose one game to focus on then you can get in a huge amount of practice. And as we all know (since it has been drilled into us for years), practice makes perfect.

If you put all of your efforts into getting better with, for example, Overwatch or Fortnite, then your skills will constantly improve. That’s what you need when it comes to competitive play; to hone your skills. Then, when you enter tournaments or ranked matches in your chosen game, you’ll have a much better shot at being successful!

Stick To One Platform

Moving from the Xbox One to the PS4 and then to the PC can give you a huge amount of variety in games. However, we’ve already discussed the fact that you should focus on just one game to begin with. With that said, it would also make sense to stick to just one platform.

For full price games, this isn’t usually an issue as you’ll probably only buy one copy of that game. However, for free to play games like Fortnite, you can play them on different systems with no additional cost. That, however, is likely to be detrimental to your budding eSports career. Why? Because the controls are different for each system.

By sticking to just the one platform, you’ll able to get muscle memory for each action you need to do – everything will become second-nature to you. That will help to increase your reaction speeds, meaning that you’ll be more formidable when playing competitively.

Study The Competition

In amongst the hours of practice you’ll need to put into your chosen game, you should also budget some time to research and study those who are already making headway in the competitive scene for that game. Watch every match you can find. Pay attention to their tactics and moves. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Then, incorporate these tactics into your practice sessions and find what works for you. Try to remodel the tactics and attack patterns into your own style so that others won’t be able to see them coming. Basically, study the competition well and use their ideas and manoeuvres against them!

If you’re able to do this and use their tactics to create your own successful moves, then you’re already on the way to being successful in competitive play.

Find A Team

Once you’ve gotten your skills up to scratch, the next step is to find a team for your chosen game. They will be able to help you improve even further, give you advice and get your going with online tournaments. From there, you’ll be able to start going to local tournaments and more.

Finding eSports teams isn’t hard either, as most have social media profiles on Twitter or Facebook, as well as websites too. So just do a little bit of Googling and you’re bound to find a team that is right for you. But that’s also really important; the team has to be right for you, just as you need to be right for them. If you feel that you aren’t meshing with the others in the team, then find another one. Otherwise, you’ll find that you either lose interest or can’t perform at your best.

And That’s All Folks

That was just a quick overview as to how you can get started with the eSports scene. By focusing on one game and getting really good at it, you can boost your online presence, find your way into a team and start your journey to eSports stardom!

Have you ever wanted to join an eSports team? Let me know in the comments below!

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