Gaming is an experience that tests your mettle and shows you where you stand compared to the others. When fighting to secure the victory over your opponents, it’s essential to utilize every form of advantage you can get. Whether it be your superior reflexes, knowledge, or hardware, it’s your duty and desire to keep advancing every single day, although it may take years. As luck would have it, you can fast-track your way to success simply by buying the right accessories. Here are 4 of them you should take note of:

1. Gaming chair

Have you seen these racing-style gaming chairs that look like they’re from some sci-fi series or something similar? Well, as it so happens, their fancy-looking design goes beyond mere aesthetics. In fact, they’re intelligently designed to lessen the strain on your back and keep your posture the way it should be. They also offer great support to your head, so it can stay cool and sharp for you to make complex strategic decisions whenever the situation calls for it.

2. Gaming desk

If you’re still torturing yourself with a cheap desk you ordered from an online auction site, it’s time to break the habit and get something better. After all, you’re spending so much time behind the computer screen that you deserve to treat yourself to an upgrade. The desk should be large enough to hold your monitor (or more of them if that’s what you prefer) and yet compact enough not to take up the entire room. Choosing the right height is paramount to the good health of your wrists, otherwise, you risk developing a carpal tunnel syndrome. If it has drawers or another storage compartment, that’s a plus.

3. Gaming headset

For those who are playing a team-based competitive game like Counter-Strike, flawless communication with your allies is the way to crushing your opposition. The audio element needs to be consistent and clear. A quality wireless gaming headset goes a step beyond what the typical headset can offer; by getting rid of the cable, any obstructions that may have hindered your comfort and progress are effectively dealt with. The best headsets will not only allow you to pick up on subtle auditory clues but also let you determine the direction of where the footsteps are coming from, just to name an example.

4. Gaming mousepad

A gaming mousepad is far more than just a resting surface for your mouse. The most important aspect of it is the area that if covers, that much is true. By getting one with generous proportions, you will be able to make the kind of accurate manoeuvres that others can only dream of pulling off. As it goes without saying, the surface should be smooth enough to allow for seamless transitions without sudden stops that would mess with your desired input.


While this is by no means the end of the list (we could probably write a whole book on the subject alone), it should be more than enough to spark a desire in your heart to make the leap and get moving towards another level in your gaming career. The world of competitive gaming awaits!