We’re going to have a bit of a change of pace with this blog post today. Rather than reviewing a specific retro game or looking at the top 7 of a particular subject, I wanted to do a bit more of a chilled post. It’s been a rather hectic 2 weeks leading up to today, and it’s quite difficult for my brain to switch on to do a more structured post. Sorry about that!

So, I thought I would talk about something that my family and I will be doing this weekend; travelling up to Doncaster for the Video Game Market.

What Is The Video Game Market?

So, if you’ve been watching my YouTube channel, you may have seen some of the limited pick ups videos that I’ve done for events such as Collectorabilia in Leeds. Well, the Video Game Market is another big event like those.

Basically, they take over a large conference area in the Doncaster Dome, fill it with stalls of all kinds and then open it to the public. Then, you get to go around and look at all of the beautiful games (both modern and retro) and start trading and purchasing them.

Typically, you can expect to see some seriously rare games and consoles as well, so these events can be a gold mine (if you have the disposable cash).

What Am I Looking For At The Video Game Market?

So, as I have a family to look after, naturally I won’t be going to the Video Game Market looking to spend hundreds of pounds. Instead, I’m going there with a specific and limited budget with a list of games to look out for. Of course, the items on my 2019 Retro Gaming Wishlist will be on the radar (except for the Shadow Hearts series as I’ve already sorted that out).

However, I’m also going there in the hopes of finding some decent Japanese PS1 games. In fact, the top of the list for the Japanese games would be Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. I know that Allan’s Japanese Retro Game Sales had at least one copy of each earlier this month, but I don’t know if he still has them… But those are the top priority games to look for. I would also like to find a physical copy of Final Fantasy XI for PS2, either English or Japanese.

Other than that, I’m just going to see what I find. I mean, last time I went to one of these events, I stumbled across Kowloon’s Gate. That’s a game that was never released outside of Japan and I certainly didn’t expect to see it sitting there – I picked it up immediately, even going £10 over my budget to get it. So you never really know what you are going to find, and I love that about these types of events!

Where Can You Find Out More About The Video Game Market?

As I am sure you can tell, I really like these events. Since we moved further north, I’ve actually been able to start going to them in the last year, which has been great. Before then, I didn’t really know much about them, other than the fact that I couldn’t get to them.

So, in an effort to help bring some more attention to the Doncaster Video Game Market, and to help you guys know where to look, here’s a link to their official website: https://www.thevideogamemarket.co.uk/

You’ll be able to find out the location, opening times and a list of confirmed traders on there as well. So I would definitely take a look beforehand if you are interested in going.

And That’s All Folks

As I said, this was a much more chilled post today. In fact, this was more like a traditional blog post, really. I hope you guys don’t mind, and that you found it interesting at least. I’ll be doing a pick ups video and post, as well as a review of the Doncaster Video Game Market next week, so keep an eye out for those!

Have you been to the Video Game Market before? If you have, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!