Original reported yesterday by the guys at Search Engine Land, Google will be changing the way AMP pages are displayed to make it easier for you to find the page’s URL and share it. It seems like a pretty small change, but it can have a pretty big impact! The question is, what is that impact and how can it help you?

As you can see from the image about (taken from Search Engine Land, obviously), the URL that is currently shown on an AMP page is just that of the website itself. There’s no direct URL shown that leads to the content, expect in the address bar. This makes sharing content on mobile devices far more difficult for most users as they would need to copy the URL from the address bar, remove the AMP part of it (if they wanted to) and then paste it into a post on their prefered Social Network. That, or they would have to manually go through the website to find the page and share it normally.

Pretty annoying, really, wouldn’t you say? I mean, the internet “rule of thumbs” says that any action needed on mobile devices should be finished with one thumb and as few clicks as possible. Obviously that’s not the case with the current setup for AMP.

So, How Does This Help Us?

As more and more sites move to AMP, especially after Google’s push for us to do so, people are going to notice that their content is shared less. So, in order to counteract this, the use of plugins like Click To Tweet are becoming more common. The problem here is that you are basically forced to find and install a plugin just so that people can share you content from AMP pages. Not only that, but each plugin basically just connects to one Social Network! So, you can either limit the amount of Social Networks that your content is shared on, or have half an article covered in Click To Tweet/Like/Post/Pin/whatever. Not great for usability, is it?

By making it easier to share the URL of an AMP page, Google is actually going to make it easier to write and build great articles without the need to spam CTAs for sharing! You can focus on the quality of the page and the user experience, rather than on how users are going to be able to share your content in the first place!

When Is This Going To Happen?

At the moment, there’s no date, but Google are optimistic that the change will happen in “early 2017”. So, if you’ve seen a drop in shares for your content, then this could help turn things around! What do you think to the change? Let me know in the comments below!

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