For those of you who don’t know, Google has been running a challenge in the United Kingdom and Ireland called the Google Specialist Challenge. In short, this is a challenge to PPC professionals to pass all 6 AdWords exams before a certain date, and have their subsequent qualification valid past that certain date.

In order words, even if you passed all 6 exams last year, you need to get them done again so that the qualification is still valid after the closing date. Then, in October, those who have succeeded at this challenge will be posted a physical certification showing that they are qualified Google Speciailists, and not “just” AdWords Certified (which is not an easy thing in and of itself).

The Exams

So, as mentioned, there are 6 exams that you need to pass including the Fundamentals exam which covers core aspects of Paid Advertising online. Other than that, there are exams on Search Advertising (standard PPC) to Video Advertising and Mobile App Advertising. So, as you can probably tell, these exams cover pretty much every aspect of PPC.

By passing the Fundamentals exam and one other, you can become an AdWords Certified Individual. From then on, it doesn’t actually matter how many more you pass… You’ll still be an AdWords Certified Individual – that doesn’t change. The only thing that does change it is this Google Specialist Challenge which gives you a chance at a higher title and certificate.

The Deadline

Now then, as the title of this post pretty much explains, the deadline for passing these exams have been moved. It was the 23rd of September but the nice guys in Google UKI HQ have pushed it back to the 30th. So, that means all of you out there who still have a few exams left still have this week to give them a go!

The downside, however, is that because it was only extended by seven days, if you don’t pass first time you won’t get a retake in time for the Challenge’s deadline. At Brave we are using this extra time to try and get at least one more of us through all the exams. If I were you, I would definitely start hitting the books as soon as possible, and make one more try at any exams you’ve still got left!

So, are you guys going for the Google Specialist Challenge? Do you know someone who is? And would a person being a “Google Specialist” make a difference to whether you work with them?