Can you believe how many updates Google have released in the last couple of weeks!? From changes to the Keyword Planner to the huge update that is Penguin 4.0, they have been throwing all of their horses into the race! And what’s gone and happened now? That’s right, there’s another update, and this time it’s a double whammy!

Update 1: Tracking visits to local businesses

Google have announced that they can accurately track 99% of visits to businesses using a mobile device’s GPS. So, they know when you visit your favourite coffee shop or local bookstore, and add your visit to a rolling number that can be used to determine the quality and popularity of that location. This rolling number will then affect which businesses are shown in the 3-pack Local Listing in search results.

So what does that mean for your business? Well, on top of the recently Google Possum update, it means that the amount of actual visits from physical customers that come to your brick and mortar store will impact how often you get found. Thus, Google has now become one of the largest data collection companies in the world. In fact, they themselves have gone on record calling themselves the “largest omni-channel measurement company in the world”.

With that in mind, it’s time to start consolidating your digital and offline marketing to really start building up visits both online and in your actual store! By building a single, consolidated marketing campaign you can bring more people into the store than have seen you online. They will then remember you and give you word of mouth advertising whilst their actual visit helps build up the amount of times you are seen online. Thus, the circle spirals exponentially!

Update 2: Cross-device remarketing

The second big update is a major change to the way that PPC ads can be targeted. Remarketing is a form of targeting where a user who visits a website, specific page or video is added to a list. Then, people within that list will be shown adverts linked to that list. This was done via cookies being downloaded onto the user’s computer, mobile or tablet which would last for 30 days. Therefore, if that user then went onto a different device, they wouldn’t see the ads because the cookie is on the first device.

This has completed changed now, as Display Network remarketing is now officially cross-device! That means that, no matter what device a user is on, they will still see the adverts linked to that remarketing list. This is done by verifying and connecting the user across the two devices, similar to how many apps currently work.

What this means, when added to the first update in this post, means you have a much higher chance of bringing someone into your store or business through Display Network PPC building your brand and getting in front of potential customers. These customers then visit you, starting the cycle mentioned above.

Time to really be concise with a strategy

So, all in all, these two new updates as well as the previous changes like Google Possum all seem to be pushing us to do something we should have been doing all along. It’s definitely time to start consolidating a concise and truly linked marketing strategy across both digital and print, as well as any other methods you use.

What do you think about these two new updates? Is Google pushing too many out at once? Are you worried about what may be around the corner (or even just tomorrow morning)? Is Google becoming Skynet? Let me know in the comments!