So, it seems that Google have finally started their global rollout for Accelerated Mobile Pages, also know as AMP! Back in August they said it wouldn’t be limited to just the top stories anymore and that they were going to push it out into the actual search results around the world. That day appears to have come!

Seeing as Google announced this back in August, saying that the AMP project would expand beyond the top stories into search results, this is a really big day! According to Search Engine Land, 600 million documents online are already AMP-enabled, which is a huge amount.

Add to that the fact that Google have said that AMP will expand to include entertainment news, travel and even e-commerce, and this becomes a major update. If there are already 600 million documents using it, then that means there are a lot of domains currently set up for this. Are you guys or your clients ready?

It can take a lot of effort and work to change a website’s coding for AMP, unless you are building a brand new website. In that case, you can just build the necessary coding into the website. However, as most people and businesses don’t really want to change their entire website whenever Google pushes out a new project, you need to be able to adapt what you already have.

In this case, it can be troublesome and time-consuming, but personally, I think it will be worth it. Whenever Google is behind a project this much, it will definitely effect the organic performance of a website. Remember how much they pushed (and still push) schema markup?

Now, for us WordPress users, there is a plugin you can get here that says it can add AMP markup to your blog or site. I will be installing it here and will give an update in the near future about any changes I have noticed.

For now though, what are your opinions about Accelerated Mobile Pages? Let me know in the comments.