In a recent post on the Brave blog, I spoke about the changes to Keyword Planner that Google have implemented. In short, they have made it so that you only see search volume ranges rather than actual search volume unless you are spending over a certain amount on PPC. Funny really, since myself and a number of other SEOs that I know thought it would go this way eventually. Data is invaluable in this industry, and Google knows that.
As you can see from the image above, the ranges themselves are pretty useless really… Now, I’m not going to rehash the advice I gave in the Brave blog post, I’m just going to discuss why I think this might actually be a really good thing. And right now I am sure a lot of you are getting ready to throw countless tomatoes at me, but hear me out! For years now SEOs have been telling people that content is king and user focus is important. Well guess what, now it really is! As shown in that blog post I wrote, the best way to get decent data now is to look at which keywords would cost the most to get impressions and clicks via PPC. The reason that this traffic is more expensive to get is because of high competition, and the competition is high because so many people already know that the traffic converts and engages!
So what does that mean? Well, it means that the industry of Digital Marketing needs to shift from focusing on terms with high search volume to terms that give high engagement levels! The changes to the Keyword Planner mean that we are basically being forced to target and rank for keywords that need a user focus. Google has played its hand, and once again it has completely shifted the entire scene. Content was king before… Now, user engagement may be de-throning it sooner than we think. Get ready for a push on Conversion Rate Optimisation as well as niche targeting as the SEO world as a whole are forced to move away from quantity and seriously look for quality. For those who have built their reputation purely on bringing in high volumes of traffic, this is going to be hell. For those of us who have built ours on bringing in high quality traffic that actually converts, this is exactly what we have been waiting for!