It’s really strange to think that I was playing Guild Wars 2 6 years ago. That’s a really long time, especially in the case of an MMORPG. When I was playing the game before, I finished the Living World Season 1 storyline before leaving the game to play Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. But you know what? Since my first extended MMORPG experience was in Guild Wars 1, the land of Tyria has always had a place in my heart.

As such, I have now returned to Guild Wars 2… And a lot has changed! So, let’s take a look at how I got back into the game and what I think after playing it for a week, shall we?

Getting My Account Back

The first hurdle that I faced when it came to getting back into Guild Wars 2 was the fact that I had no idea what my account details were. None of the email addresses or passwords that I typically use were correct, so I was concerned that I would have to start all over again. However, at least the game is now free to play unless you want the expansion content. So, I was prepared to create a new account if I had to.

That said, I want to say a big thank you to ArenaNet and their support team.

Once I was able to verify myself through a character name and the serial number of my copy of Guild Wars 2, the team were able to find my account and update the email address on it. From there, a quick password reset later and I had my old account back again. That meant that I still had my delightful Level 80 Sylvari Ranger and all of her weapons and skills. It also meant that I could jump back in pretty much where I’d left off, although I had missed 2 seasons of the Living World.

I was so happy about that, in fact, that I ended up purchasing the Path of Fire expansion pack (which also gives you the Heart of Thorns expansion for free). So, I now have access to everything in Guild Wars 2!

Tyria Has Changed

When I logged in to Guild Wars 2 again after so long, my main character was in Lion’s Arch. For those who don’t play Guild Wars 2, that is one of the main hub cities in the game. Last time I played the game, it was largely in ruins after the events of the Living World Season 1. So, when it loaded up and I found myself in a fully rebuilt city with new, majestic monuments and decor, I was blown away. Lion’s Arch looks amazing!

Funnily enough, as a Guild Wars 1 player, I have a real fondness for Lion’s Arch. In the first game, set hundreds of years before Guild Wars 2, it was also a major hub. However, it wasn’t really a city in that game, instead feeling more like an outpost. So, to see how it changed over time is amazing.

Then I realised something else was different.

In Guild Wars 2, you create your character build through traits, skill choices, weapon choices and additional stats for weapons or armour. However, my build was all messed up. It turns out that this was due to a significant overhaul in the build system over the past 6 years. Therefore, I had to get my head around the new system and get my build back. Thankfully, this was extremely easy to accomplish.

From there, I decided it was time to start the new storyline from Heart of Thorns. However, the joy about an MMORPG comes from the community side of the game, which leads us on to the next point in this post.

A Community Game

For the past couple of months, I’ve been using Final Fantasy Dissidia NT as a community game that I can stream and play with people from the 16-Bit Dad community. However, it was recently announced that Square Enix won’t be updating or supporting that game moving forward. As such, we needed a new community game to play.

This just means that it was really good timing that I wanted to get back into Guild Wars 2.

You see, because it is an MMORPG, I can play it with others in the 16-Bit Dad community easily. Therefore, moving forward, every other Thursday will be a community stream where myself and members of the community play through Guild Wars 2 together. This will help them to level up and enjoy the game more, whilst also allowing me to both play the game and stream it regularly. I’ve even set up a guild in the game for the 16-Bit Dad community as well!

So, why not check out my streams of Guild Wars 2 over on my Twitch channel, get involved in the community and join us in-game?

And That’s All Folks

So far, I’m really happy with the new content that ArenaNet has added to the game. It makes it even more fun and enjoyable as it used to be, if not more. The fact that they made the core game free to play is also great, as it means that my community can instantly get access to Guild Wars 2 and play along with us!

Have you played Guild Wars 2? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!