Okay, so let’s just get straight to the point with this, shall we? I don’t want to talk around the subject, even though I really don’t like doing this. But it’s come to the point where I want to expand That Marketing Punk into more than just a blog… I want to be able to improve the quality of help I can give from a Digital Marketing and SEO perspective, the advice I share as a first time Dad and the product reviews and features I do for media and games.

So what does this involve?

In short, I am hoping to start creating high quality videos on YouTube, as well as running more live sessions like the upcoming Blogger SEO Q&A session mentioned in this post. I plan to create the “shows” on YouTube; one for each of the topics That Marketing Punk covers, with an aim for at least 2 videos per show, per month.

My hope is that I can make some really great vlog style content, as well as detailed video reviews of products, movies and games that of a high quality, with animated backgrounds, clear audio and great visuals… At the moment, as you can see from the video later in this post, I’m having to use my phone to record vlogs at the moment.

And that’s where the issue is… Basically, I need to be able to get the right peripherals and software licenses to do all of this!

To The Point

Okay, this is the part of the post I don’t really like writing, but it’s also the whole point of this post, so I have to, really…

I need your support to be able to make this expansion happen… That’s why I have setup a Patreon page where you can pledge your support and help That Marketing Punk grow and evolve, giving me the ability to help others, as well as create more engaging and interesting content for you!

Why Patreon?

Well, it allows for a regular amount of support budget to come into the blog and YouTube channel, which can help to cover the ongoing costs of running both, sourcing everything that is needed to improve both, and help to expand both over time.

Also, it means that I can set up a bunch of rewards on top of the video content and improved blog posts! As well as the reward tiers below, you’ll also have access to my supporter’s Facebook group, where you can ask questions about SEO and Parenting, and access to supporter-only posts on Patreon itself!


So yeah, as you can see, I have a clear and definite plan on how I want to get That Marketing Punk to grow and become something that can really help you guys!

I know it’s never nice to have some ask you to help crowdfund something, but with your support to get this expansion off the ground, I can really start to give back to you all!

Your support would mean the world to me! So, if you are interested then please click on the following button and give your support to That Marketing Punk! Let’s get this going together, and start helping bloggers, website owners, new parents and gaming/movie fans!

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