Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, have a passion for travel, business or you’re a mom that’s offering readers a sense of realism with fantastically relatable content. One thing all bloggers concern themselves with is – does my blog look professional enough?

We all want to take pride in our work, and our blogs are no different. We want to impress potential new subscribers whilst retaining the ones we already have, it’s a fine balancing act but a well written blog that oozes professionalism and is attractive to the eye is certainly a good place to start from. Read on for 5 ways to ensure your blog looks professional and attractive.

Make the work your own

When you’re under pressure to post content and you’re running out of time, it’s perfectly acceptable to do a little research and allow the ideas of other bloggers to influence your own. However, lifting work directly from other blogs is not only plagiarism but its also bad news for your SEO and Google analytics. Not forgetting how unprofessional you’ll look when you get caught out. If plagiarism is something you’re worried about – there are several different types of plagiarism – then check out scribbr, and their plagiarism checking tools and services. 

Make it faultless

We’re only human and we all make mistakes, and some of those are spelling and grammar errors. Which, when are visible on your blog, can have a real negative impact. A post that’s littered with spelling mistakes, bad punctuation and poor structure can turn readers off very quickly. You might have incredible content to share, but if it’s difficult to read then it just won’t be engaging enough. Consider investing in a proofreading service that highlights any mistakes you may have made and helps you to create content that flows well, is well structured and clear. Give it a try. 

Make sure it’s not cluttered

Less is more, right? Well it certainly is the case when it comes to your blog pages. Try not to bombard readers with gifs, emojis, images, videos, pop ups and ads. They make pages look cluttered and take away from your great written content. When you write aim for between 500-2000 words per article, use bullet points where appropriate, and write in short sentences and paragraphs. This allows your readers to digest your content better, and it stops them from getting bored.

Make sure its organised 

Incomplete links, pages that no longer exist, dead ends and categories that are both confusing and don’t make sense. All of these are sure fire ways to repel any potential new subscriber. You blog should of course be user friendly and easy to navigate. Make sure you have all your posts categorised correctly, and that they’re easy to find. 

Make it about the content

If you’re a little unsure about how to build or create a blog that looks appealing, the don’t sweat it, you can always focus on the content while you hire a professional blog designer to focus on the design.