There’s no doubt that technology has massively changed the world that we live in. It’s often criticised for making things worse, with many claiming how they wish they could go back to a ‘simpler time’. However when we look at the overall picture, technology has improved things in a big way. Medical technology advancements mean people can survive illnesses that were once a death sentence. Technology can make us safer, it can make us more intelligent, and one place it can benefit us as a society is by helping our senior citizens. Here are a few reasons why.

Prevents loneliness

Loneliness is an epidemic amongst older adults. Research by The Guardian found that over three quarters of all older adults report feeling lonely. When children have grown up and moved out and close friends, siblings and spouses have passed away, it’s common for elderly people to end up on their own for most of the time.

Technology can prevent them from feeling so isolated and disconnected. Social media can keep them in the loop with the people in their lives. Video chat and messaging services make it easy to stay in contact with loved ones. Having the ability to send and receive pictures, voice clips and other bits of information can really enable them to stay connected throughout the day with the people in their lives that they care about.

It’s fun

Most of us love technology because it’s fun. It gives us something to do when we’re bored and helps to keep us occupied. So as an older person who’s not working, maybe doesn’t have the best mobility and doesn’t have a whole lot to do with their time, technology can be a real boredom buster. From playing games on sites like to reading books, watching videos and listening to podcasts or music, there’s always something you can find to do when you have a smartphone, tablet or computer.

As a bonus, these kinds of things can help to keep the mind sharp, and even improve hand- eye coordination. A definite win/ win situation! As well as staying occupied they prevent general old age decline in many ways.

Helps maintain independence

There are lots of ways technology can help a person maintain their independence. They can do their own shopping online, choosing items they need for their home and their groceries. If they have limited abilities with their hands, voice activated speakers can work wonders. They can control heating, lights, blinds and many more appliances around the home.

If you have an older adult in your life, purchase some technology and teach them how to use it. You could download them a library of music, movies, games and books and show them how to access them. Set them profiles up on social sites, and help them add their long lost connections. Show them how video calling and text messaging works. These things really can improve their lives for the better.

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