Interior design rules might not be exactly the same for both adults’ and children’s bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seize the opportunity to go wild with decorating your child’s bedrooms. Growing up isn’t about elegant lighting or feng shui – it’s about having fun and learning more about the world around you. Making a kid’s bedroom into their most loved space is incredibly rewarding, especially as they will most likely remember it long into their adult life. Here are a few points to consider when decorating your child’s room.


Every child has a unique personality. Hobbies, quirks, favourite movies – these all play a part in shaping the way a child thinks and grows. Why not incorporate these into your decorating? Of course, you can design a fantastic room that would cater to every child’s needs but adding personal touches that identify it as only your child’s bedroom will help them feel more at home and responsible for the space. Do they love superheroes? Animals? Outer space? Let your child’s personality influence the direction your decorating takes, and you’ll be sure not to disappoint.


As mentioned earlier, decorating for a kid’s room isn’t the same as decorating for an adult’s. Style, current trends, and interior design essentials are thrown out the window and replaced by creativity that knows no bounds. Embrace the chaotic nature of childhood and decorate wildly. Don’t worry if the wall colours don’t compliment each other or if the carpet is ugly – if your kid enjoys it, it’s the right decision. They will inevitably grow up and develop a taste of their own that is unlikely to match what you initially create and that’s when you redecorate to suit their more grown-up opinions. In the meantime, take this opportunity to let your creative juices flow.

Storage and Space

Kids have a way of accumulating everything. They are notorious collectors of toys, games, books and other miscellany that can quickly turn a room into a complete mess. To prevent this, find clever ways of storing their belongings and creating more floor space for them to play on. For example, Clei wall beds are excellent for giving your child more room during the day and also add a sense of mystery. Instead of simply buying a bookshelf, install separate shelves at odd heights across the wall to give the room a sense of fun. There are so many ways you can sneak storage into a room without compromising on space.


While an adult bedroom is mostly for relaxing after a tough day at work, kids’ rooms are for playing. Transform the space into a location entirely different to simply a room in a house – decorate with giant leaves to create a jungle or use projecting lights to give the impression of exploring the Milky Way. A child’s imagination deserves to be fueled by their surroundings, not least of all the room they’ll spend a lot of their time in. Don’t worry if their toys aren’t put away every night or if they don’t make their bed in the morning sometimes; childhood is meant to be enjoyed.