If there’s one thing that I can tell you about being a Dad, it is that budgeting and money instantly becomes a hot (and touchy) subject. I mean, I never really paid attention to how much we used to spend on our weekly shopping. Now, when I get to the checkout and the till shows a total of £150 or more, it’s scary. Not because I’m a cheapskate or anything, but because that’s a chunk of money that could go on stuff for my daughter to play with and help her develop. Food prices have definitely gone up, including at Lidl and Aldi.

So, it’s come to the point where I need to find other avenues I can take in order to get stuff for my daughter, or even for my wife and I. So, we started to look at ways to get toys and other things online for as cheap as possible. Here are a few tips we’ve come up with that can really help!

Sign Up For Product Testing

You’d be surprised how many places offer product testing in exchange for feedback. From big name stores to small Amazon-only sellers, there’s a whole tonne of options out there! And that’s not just for toys either… You can get discounts of up to 100% on clothes, tech, gadgets and even kitchenware. It’s pretty crazy to see just how much is out there when you’ve never really looked into it before.

It’s also really easy to find, with a simple Google search. The first few sites listed will all either offer testing or guide you to the best places to sign up. I would do this myself, but we’re still trying to find the best ones for us.

Become A Blogger

One thing I’ve noticed in the past couple of years since starting 16-Bit Dad is that I do get offered a lot of things to test out and review. These, for me, range from gaming gadgets to toys and other cool stuff. What you might get offered depends entirely on what niche your blog is about, but if you build up your blog and your social following, you will eventually get contacted for testing products.

However, this is a slow process and takes a lot of work! I have a full-time job, and a child, and I still spend upwards of 25 hours per week working on the various aspects of 16-Bit Dad.

Also, you have been to very careful when doing this. If you do receive products for testing or review, firstly, you need to make it clear that you received the product in exchange for the review. This can be as a disclaimer before, after or within the content. On top of this, to maintain your dignity and relationship with your readers, you have to be honest. This may limit the number of companies that are willing to work with you, since you won’t be guaranteeing a stellar review… However, readership and honesty are far more important. As is a clear and easy to read Reviews Policy (you can see mine here).

Look Into Coupon and Gifting Sites

This was something that was very new to me. I mean, I’d seen adverts for coupon sites online, but never really paid attention to them. As someone who works in Digital Marketing, I never really trusted them. That, however, has changed since becoming a Dad.

We are signed up to a host of different coupon sites that we check weekly, just in case there is a coupon for something that we wanted. And you know what? More often than not, there actually is. We’ve managed to save a huge amount of money this way, since we keep getting money off the luxury items that we buy. In fact, even on smaller luxury items like Easter Eggs, we’ve used the likes of WowFreeStuff to get some of the more pricey ones, since our finances were running low.

And That’s All Folks

Those are three ways that we’ve found so far to get stuff for us or our little princess for as cheap as possible. Since we’ve moved house recently, my wife has just changed jobs to one with shorter shifts, and I have to spend more on petrol, these are all helping us manage our finance.

Do you have any other tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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