How To Have A Good Work Life Balance

Before you have a family, you may not consider how many hours you are working. You can probably still hang out with your friends and have some time to yourself if you want it, and still work as many hours as you need to fund your lifestyle.

This can all change when you have children, however. Although you’ll still need to work to provide for them, you’ll also want to have more time to spend with them, and you’ll start to look at your work life balance in a different way; you’ll want to make it work well for you. Here are some ways it can happen.

Block Out Time

There are only 24 hours in each day, and part of that time will, of course, be spent sleeping. Therefore, the best way to have a good work-life balance is to block out sections of time for certain activities. There will be time for work, and time for family, for example.

Although it might not always be possible to keep the two separate, and although necessity could mean that these timings are sometimes required to be flexible, if you can stick to them as much as possible then your work-life balance will be easier to control and you will know that you can do specific jobs or activities within that time.

Combine Where Possible

Multitasking used to be lauded but is now seen as being ultimately unproductive, so we’re not extolling its virtues as such, but we are suggesting that you might like to combine activities where it makes sense, and where your productivity won’t be affected.

Exercise, for example, is hugely important but, often due to time constraints, is the thing that is neglected most. What if you could combine exercise with seeing friends? You might go for a run together, or take your dogs out for a walk at the same time so you can chat. Alternatively, you might find that you never have time to cook a fresh meal, but why not cook with your family so that they can learn important life skills and you can find out more about their day?

Do Less Work

Work may seem like the be all and end all in life, but when you really think about it, it’s not. It’s useful, and it brings in money, but what is most important is enjoying your life and your family. Therefore, if possible, work less.

Are you working all the hours you can? If so, why? If it’s to pay off debts, you could look at bad credit loans to consolidate everything so you pay less per month. If it’s to be successful that’s great, but is it so great at the expense of your family? Could you outsource instead?

It might be hard to cut your hours or to get out of the habit of working so much, but it is important to do so in order to enjoy your family and spend time with them before they grow up and don’t need you as much anymore.