How to Make a Responsible Driver Out of Your Child

Helping your child learn the ropes of becoming a driver is a challenge that you as a parent will need to spend quality time on. Eventually, your child will reach the age to legally drive a car, which is rewarding but also scary. The road ahead is filled with risks, and you know for sure your child needs help becoming a responsible driver.

It’s always best to teach your kid about road ethics and other important topics that can help in laying the foundation for safer driving. It will take a great deal of time before your child is able to confidently drive. But the best you can do at this point is to provide enough support by way of teaching your child these key concepts:

Defensive driving

Whether you’re driving along the street or speeding along the highway, it’s important for any driver to be aware of what’s happening around the vehicle. Again, anything can happen to anyone along the road, but reducing the likelihood of an accident means becoming a skilled defensive driver.

A year before your kid gets a set of wheels, it’s important that you give pointers about defensive driving. This should provide supplemental knowledge that will prepare your kid for driving school and the best way to impart this knowledge is to have your child sit right next to you while you drive him or her to school. As you drive, underscore crucial defensive driving techniques such as maintaining a safe distance from other cars and switching lanes the safer way. By knowing these techniques early on, your kid will know exactly what to do behind the wheel.

Safety first

Aside from defensive driving, responsible motorists make sure that they and their passengers are well taken care of. This is one principle your child should take to heart, especially when it comes to familiarizing themselves with the different safety features of a car. For sure, you will need to emphasize the wearing of seatbelts as a routine that many drivers — especially young ones — must not overlook. In fact, seatbelts can reduce the risk of on-road accidents by 50%, according to the Center for Disease Control – Injury Center

That said, it’s crucial to teach your child about these safety features and how to make the most out of them. Apart from seatbelts, you should also teach your child the importance of using the handbrake and using the rearview mirrors when it comes to parking. But most important of all is to keep the vehicle in tip-top shape through regular maintenance. For this, you may need to give your child a checklist of the most important things to do in auto servicing and upgrading.

Perfect parking

Speaking of parking, serious drivers are those who know how to park their vehicles just as well as they can drive them. Then again, parking is often the most difficult part of being a full-fledged driver. It needs time and plenty of patience to pull off a clean parallel park and other forms of parking, so starting early with your child should be the best possible option to help in mastering this form of art. 

For this, it’s important to show your child how you park. Doing it well can also encourage your child to follow through. When your child is old enough to practice alone, allot some time each week to look for an open parking area where your child could freely practice all the techniques you have been teaching ever since day one.

Insurance and the law

It’s not enough that your child knows about the many different techniques in driving and parking. You also need to talk about those topics involving road accidents and injuries. As much as you can maneuver around traffic and park your vehicle like any decent human being would, you may still have to talk about liabilities and claims, especially in scenarios where you’re not at fault. All this may seem overwhelming to a child who just wants to roll up to the mall, but you can at least talk about the importance of finding a lawyer and getting insurance coverage.

Sure enough, you will have to look for a good law firm that specializes in road accidents and injuries, such as Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. accident attorneys. You may also touch base on the more technical aspects of a vehicular accident and explain what your kid should do when things go south while he or she is driving down the road. Insurance is also an important consideration, so you need to discuss financing and getting quotes from different  providers. 

Turn your child into a more responsible driver. Take these tips to heart and have your kid drive with confidence and safety in mind.

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