Ask any parent and they will agree – time flies in your baby’s first year. It seems only yesterday you were welcoming them into the world and here they are, a one-year-old with a personality all of their own. While your baby won’t remember their first birthday, it’s still important to acknowledge it in some way. Yes, you can spoil them with toys and treats, but you also need to remember that the day is for you as well. How will you remember this day in years to come when you’re dropping them off at school or watching them get married?  Here are some simple ideas to help you make baby’s first birthday as special as they are.

Create a book of baby’s first year

If you’re anything like most parents, you’ll have been snapping photos at every opportunity to try and capture how amazing your little one is as they develop. You can use these photos to create a book which documents their first year in terms of how they’ve grown physically and their key milestones and experiences. 

Professional photo session

While your photos are incredibly important in keeping your memories of everyday life alive, you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer for the big day. The photographer will be able to take some stunning images of your family, which you can display on the walls of your home. You could even make it an annual tradition.

Write your baby a letter

A wonderful gift for your baby is to write them a letter about your first year together and how much they mean to you. Obviously, it will be several years before they can appreciate your words and the sentiment, but you can write it now and keep it safe for them. If you write them a letter on each of their birthdays and save them up until their 16th or 18th birthday, just imagine the incredible gift they’ll receive. 

Design and print their own birthday t-shirt or onesie

Why not create a birthday outfit which is as unique and cute as your little one? You can choose the images and/or words you want to be printed and send your design off to a t-shirt printing company. They’ll not only look adorable on the day, but you’ll be able to treasure their first birthday outfit forever.

Host a small party for family and close friends 

There’s no need to spend a lot of money or hours slaving away in the kitchen, but a small gathering of friends and family with some tasty snacks and some baby-friendly games could be a great way to mark the occasion. You could have a BBQ or prepare a cold buffet (with baby’s favourites, of course). Being surrounded by the people who care about your baby the most in the world is sure to provide happy memories and photos to enjoy for years to come. 

Give them a new experience

Your baby’s first year will feel as if it has gone by in a flash and no doubt they’ve conquered many new challenges and seen new things every day. Why not celebrate their birthday with a trip or experience you know they’ll love? It could be a trip to an aquarium to see the big fish swim past in the ethereal light or a musical show at the local theatre. Make it as sensory as possible, as you’re sure to see new expressions of emotion and curiosity in their eyes.