If you have a toddler, you know that sometimes the child refuses to go to bed. It’s inhuman to leave your child in the dark and go to sleep, so you too are forced to stay awake. Fortunately, the solution to this problem lies in establishing a bedtime routine. So, how do you make your toddler get into a proper sleeping routine?

1. Do not be tempted to change the routine.

Your child can learn the art of manipulating you to get what he wants. For instance, the toddler can ask to stay awake for longer since you are on vacation or since grandma came to visit. You may be tempted to surrender because such reasons make sense.

However, that is what makes it hard to get the young one to adapt to the sleeping schedule you have drawn for him. Sometimes you might break the rules so often that you have to create the program again.

Therefore, once you establish a routine sleeping stick to it thoroughly. Secondly, familiarize everybody in the house with the program so that they stick to it even when you are away. Why is consistency important for a child? Children know how to control their behavior and anticipate other people’s behavior too. Lastly, consistency helps reduce anxiety in kids. Hence, once you draw a bedtime routine, try not to change it for a long time.

2. Make the baby love his room.

Does your baby love his room? Do you know how to make a toddler’s room cozy? Create a sleep-friendly bedroom by investing in the right mattress for your young one. If you have no idea on where to get the right mattress for your baby, worry not, you can get a variety of mattresses sold online. By following that link, you will get a review/comparison of high-quality baby mattresses which you can order.

Place the bed away from the door, busy streets, and windows since the child can be distracted at night. You can get a toddler bedroom checklist online so that you make it as child-friendly as possible.

Form a habit of going to the child’s room to play, read storybooks, and cuddle him to sleep. While there say positive things about the place. Let the toddler show off his room to other members of the family like the dad and siblings. 

3. Create a relaxing activity that signals to the baby that it’s bedtime

Toddler sleep training involves an activity that can calm the baby. The activity also serves to show the baby that it’s time to sleep. For instance, you can choose to read a bedtime storybook each night while cuddling the baby to sleep.

Beware of getting the baby used to your cuddles, especially if you are not always at home. You could take turns with other caregivers so that the child is not used to one set of arms.

4. Give a gift

Yes, you can give your child a gift each time they go to sleep on their own at the allocated time. The award can be anything in the house. For instance, you can promise ten minutes with the iPad in the morning to watch cartoons.

5. If possible, get as many people as possible, going to bed at that time.

How to make your toddler get into a proper sleeping routine will be easy if you can get other kids to go to their bedrooms early. At times your toddler suddenly won’t sleep because daddy has not gone to sleep.

Other members of the family can move to their bedrooms until the baby falls asleep then go back to the sitting room. After all, it will take a village to raise that child.


You are in charge of your baby’s life. Make your toddler get into a proper sleeping routine as a way of teaching him discipline and responsibility. Also, watch out for sleeping disorders because such can disrupt great sleeping schedules.