Looking after your children can be extremely rewarding. It gives you an opportunity to develop a strong bond with them, providing memories they will carry with them forever, as well as teaching you, as a parent, valuable information about yourself. 

Children’s attention spans are, however, notoriously short, and it can often be challenging coming up with ideas of how to keep them entertained without simply handing them a smartphone to play with or sticking on the television. 

There are lots of fantastic ways to spend quality time with your children, but here are just a few that you could fit into a 24-hour day. 

Spend time outside

Stepping outside and enjoying nature with your kids is not only filled with endless opportunities, it is a great way to keep them healthy and active too. Whether it is riding a bike, kicking a ball in the park or taking a relaxing stroll around a lake, being outdoors is the key to occupying their mind without the presence of any form of technology. 

If your child is very young, then there are also lots of groups dedicated specifically for parents to meet up in local parks and socialize. These can be found on social media platforms, such as Facebook, or may be advertized on flyers in your nearest town. They present a fantastic opportunity to get to know local people in similar situations as you, while at the same time introducing your child to new people. 

Encourage them to enjoy learning

Instilling the idea in your child’s mind that the process of learning can be enjoyable is a vital part of their development, and a good way to pass a few hours. 

Whether it’s reading a book, completing a quiz, devising an activity that involves numbers or putting engaging puzzles in front of them, teaching your child in a fun way will pay dividends for their education as a whole, as they realize that it doesn’t always have to be boring. 

Read them a story

Reading to your child carries with it a number of benefits, including promoting brain development, firing up the imagination, teaching them about words and sounds, and strengthening the parent-child bond. 

Reading can also enhance your child’s concentration skills, even if the book consists mainly of images. By consistently reading to your child everyday, it will let them know that this is the time for them to ignore distractions and focus on one thing only.

Make something

Whether it’s a cake, a drawing, a plasticine model or a LEGO tower, encouraging your child to be creative will allow them to explore different avenues and discover what they might be passionate about later on in their life. 

If a child is never handed a pen and a piece of paper, they may never consider drawing as a hobby, when it very well could have been. Interests are developed at a very young age, so it is important to give children the opportunity to test out as many different activities as possible.